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Jason and Chantelle Highlights (0-04-03-03)Jason and Chantelle Highlights (0-03-37-12)

There is something truly special about Jason and Chantelle’s relationship – it is a love that you can just feel once you step inside a room with the two of them! They were so incredibly kind and genuine from the very first time we met them, and we could see throughout the wedding day how much they are loved by their family and friends.

We have to mention that the atmosphere could only be described as electric during the reception!  There was so much cheering, hollering, applauding, and response from the crowd that the the fun and excitement levels went up by about 10 notches! Kudos to all the guests for getting into every activity and just adding so much energy to the night! I can seriously understand why TV sitcoms have laughing tracks – when a crowd gets involved, it just creates more buzz! The entrances were particularly entertaining to watch and I’m sure the crowd appreciated all the effort and thought put into making those entrances a perfect opener to what was an amazing night!

SPEECHES: One of the reasons the night went so well was due to the speeches. From thoughtful to funny to downright moving, we were all on one big emotional roller coaster ride! I have to say that both Jason and Chantelle’s dads cracked me up the most! Both of them just hit the right notes to make everyone in the audience bowl over with laughter. There is truly something special about embarrassing your son on his wedding day with artwork and poems from elementary school LOL! There were so many bits from ALL the speeches that I wanted to use in the video, but alas, I could only fit in what I did! As a video editor, it’s a good problem to have – I was spoiled with choice!

FATHER/DAUGHTER DANCE: The special bond between father and daughter was completely evident on the wedding day. As Chantelle mentioned in her speech, her father has been through a tough year, so it made the wedding day that much more emotional for the both of them and their family. Once the father/daughter dance begun, I knew it was going to be one of those ‘I need to hold in the tears’ moments. I’ve welled up before behind the camera, but I seriously couldn’t hold back what was Niagara Falls rolling down my cheeks when filming this dance. I don’t even think it was the hormones – I think I would’ve been the same if I wasn’t pregnant! Such a moving moment that, even as a wedding videographer and not a guest, I will never forget!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We had such a great time working with Erin Blackwood from Erin Blackwood Photography. We have to say a huge thank you to her as she’s the person that put us in touch with this couple in the first place! She is fun, laid back, and just so easy to be around (plus, she has some awesome tattoos)! Love her romantic, whimsical, and edgy style – so talented! If you’re still looking for a photographer, check out her portfolio! We look forward to working with her again in the future!

VENUE: The wedding was held at Millennium Gardens Banquet Hall, the same place that John and Samantha’s wedding was held this year. Check out their blog post for info on this venue!

MUSIC: We’ve been waiting to use this song for a long time, it’s one of our favourites! John Legend’s You and I has such a fantastic beat, melody, and beautiful lyrics – just totally worked with this couple and the footage that we got.

It’s after filming weddings like this one that we feel so privileged to be doing what we’re doing. To be given the opportunity to share in such tender and intimate moments in a couple’s lives does not go over our heads – we really appreciate how much trust they need to put in us to capture their big day and to be involved in such a momentous occasion. Thank you Jason and Chantelle for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We hope we told your wedding story the way you would want it to be told to your future kids and grandkids!

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Wedding dress: Promises and Lace
Make up: The bride herself!
Hair: Zainab Nawab
Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom Suit: Freeman Formals
Groomsmens’ suits: Freeman Formals
Cake: Irene’s Celebrity Cakes
Florist: Erin Mills Florist and Gifts


Remember our baby bump shoot with my cousin Will and his lovely wife Tiff? Well, their baby Mila has arrived and they recently celebrated her 100 days in the world! Here are some pics from the event held by Mila’s most extraordinary parents.

The first photo cracks me up every time! You know she is on her way to becoming one little diva – cut eye at its best LOL!

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Mary and Rob Highlights (0-00-23-01)Mary and Rob Highlights (0-02-18-06)

Wild, crazy, fun and unpredictable – this wedding was certainly one heck of a ride! We think we had a slight idea of what we were getting ourselves into when we first met Rob and Marija last year and they told us what to expect on their wedding day. But even with the most detailed of plans and itineraries, we couldn’t dream of all the excitement that this wedding would produce! Flying flags, Croatian flasks, live chickens, live bands, and even a set of power wheels…those were just a few of the things on hand to make this one big and unique celebration. Croatian pride was also out in full force, and we could see this tight-knit community coming together to make this day even more special for Rob and Marija. Such a great day filled with so much to talk about!

HOW THEY MET: What an adorable story of two best friends who met way back in Croatian school and found each other again in University. It’s fate when you can reconnect after such a long time! Unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on some old footage that they had during their confirmation, but we were very happy that Marija relayed the story to us in the morning so we could interlace it into the video. Apparently they always sat next to each other because their last names begin with a PER and a PET – how cute would these two be back in the day?

BUYING OF THE BRIDE: This is where the chicken enters the story. ‘Buying of the Bride’ is a Croatian tradition that involves the groom bartering for the bride with his groomsmen by his side and a bunch of musicians adding to the atmosphere! The bride’s family usually offers up a few fake brides while the groom continues to barter and begs for the true bride to come out. Things like chickens were offered, money, drink, until the sale is finally agreed upon. Out comes the bride and off to the church she goes with the groom! What a fun-filled tradition that gets everyone amped up and ready to go for the day!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We had so much fun working with Daniela and her hubby Adam from Majical Weddings. We just got on straight off the bat and clicked! Not only were they super sweet and lovely to work with, they are super talented as well. Daniela actually started in fashion photography and does amazing editorial shots! I’m always whisked away by the ethereal and whimsical images she posts of her models on her Daniela Majic Photography Facebook page. The great thing is that she decided to share her creative talents with the wedding industry (luckily enough for brides and grooms out there) so check her out! I want to also say a big congrats once again to Daniela and Adam on their recent wedding – they got married a week after Rob and Marija!

WEDDING DRESS: I loved the bride’s wedding dress! It was purchased at Amandalina’s Bridal Boutique and was designed by Maggie Sottero. I gushed at the beautiful lace back adorned with buttons, sweet cap sleeves with just the right amount of sparkle, and a little opening below the neckline to add mystery and sexiness! Marija didn’t stop there though…she surprised Rob with another jaw-dropping dress at the end of the night! Let’s just say she wowed the crowd and completely stunned the groom into being speechless!

MUSIC: We LOVE Coldplay so it wasn’t a surprise that we fell in love with their song, Sky Full of Stars, the second it was released! The different highs and lows of the song allowed us to showcase the range of emotions involved in this wedding. From tears and reflection to joy and celebration! It was a bonus to know that Rob and Marija loved the song as well – it just suited their big day to a tee. As for the song at the beginning, the bride and groom had sent us a list of Croatian songs that we could use and this Slavonac se Hercegovkom Zeni by Sima Jovanovac certainly stood out. It gave us the upbeat tune we needed to kick off the video and to compliment the buying of the bride tradition!

Thanks so much to the lovely couple for letting us in on the shenanigans of the day – we had a blast filming some of the most animated characters we’ve seen! Those flag bearers should get a medal for waving those heavy flags proudly all day LOL! All the best to Marija and Rob – we want to wish you the best in this coming year of ‘firsts’ as a married couple! Have an amazing holiday season and a very happy new year!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Make up: Meaghan at MakeupWorx
Hair: Adrianna at Park Avenue Hair Salon
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groom Suit: Hugo Boss
Groomsmens’ suits: Moores (Vera Wang)
Jewellery: Gifted to each another
Florist: Mimi’s House of Flowers
Favours: Monetary Donation
Centerpieces: Mimi’s House of Flowers
DJ/Band: Nocni Ra


Derek and Fedora Highlights (0-02-05-18)Derek and Fedora Highlights (0-02-46-06)

I have to mention straight off the bat that I’ve never had such a crazy giggle fit like the one I had when editing this video! As I was going through the footage for the games portion of the reception, I almost peed my pants (sorry, I know, TMI!) – the little boy trying to kiss Derek during the guessing game, along with Derek’s reaction, absolutely killed me! It’s in the video, so you’ll see what I mean, but I just want to say a huge thank you to the couple for giving me that moment. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

Anyways, onto the meat of this blog, Derek and Fedora’s wedding! As we’ve mentioned before, it’s such a great feeling when we can work with people that we’ve met from previous weddings we’ve filmed at. It’s like attending a friend’s wedding because you see so many familiar faces! We met Derek and Fedora through one of our couples from way back, Debbie and Dennis, who attended the event with their adorable baby girl Denise. It doesn’t stop there though! We also bumped into Andrew and Rachel (one of our couples from this year), and Brigitte, a bridesmaid from Bonnie and Kevin’s wedding (one we filmed a couple years ago). Luckily for us, this connection continues as one of Derek’s groomsmen just booked us for his wedding next year! We’re looking forward it already!

DOOR GAMES: What a way to start off the day! We’ve witnessed a lot of door games in our time, but this one has to take the cake as the most challenging! Let’s just say one obstacle included diapers, maxi pads, reese’s pieces, and sriracha sauce…I can’t even think about what I saw, or else i’d gag LOL! Poor, poor boys…but good job girls, in sticking to your guns! Starting right at 8:30am, the boys were ushered into the house and put through a bunch of obstacles in order to help Derek reach his goal of seeing the lovely Fedora. They succeeded thanks to a bunch of guys who were were willing to participate and great sports all round!

FIRST DANCE: Derek is super fun and confident as you can tell from the video, so we weren’t surprised when he said he wasn’t nervous at all at the beginning of the day. After further contemplation though, he did say it was the first dance that was giving him some jitters! It turns out there was no need to sweat about that either as the dance turned out perfectly in the end! It was a great waltz filled with lifts and dips, lights and mist – it was magical to say the least and we were happy to have captured it on film so they can show their future kids one day how elegant they were on the dance floor!

MUSIC: With such an explosive amount of fun at the door games, I knew the video had to start off with these events as it really kicked it off with a bang! I needed a song that would compliment all the fun and really add that factor of excitement. Boom Clap by Charli XCX was the perfect song for this intro – great melody with great beats – you can’t help but want to get up and dance when you hear this tune! For the second song, we chose Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes. It was the first time I heard it when it was played at the wedding during one of the slideshows they were showing. It was such a catchy melody and we knew instantly that it was a song the couple liked – so we kept coming back to it when starting the editing process. Turns out it was certainly the right song for the footage and the couple!

Derek and Fedora have been so incredibly sweet throughout this whole process, continually thanking us for our hard work before they’ve even seen the video! What we know is that it should be the other way around – we want to thank them for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a fun-filled wedding! There was no shortage of laughter and joy during the whole day, and to experience it all while filming is such a great bonus for us.

Thanks so much guys – we want to wish you all the best with married life! We are sure our paths will cross again in the future:)

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Le Parc Banquet Hall
Photographer: Tristan KC Photography
Wedding dress: Vera Wang
Chinese dresses (traditional/evening): Phoebe’s Collection/Taipei Love Forever
Make up & Hair: Peggy Lee
Shoes: Nine West
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Vera Wang
Groom Suit: Freeman Formals
Groomsmens’ suits: Jeans First
Cake: Louis XIV Cake Boutique
Decor: POSH Stylings Inc.
Florist: Bride’s Mom & friends
Favours: Favor Affair
Centerpieces: Bride’s Mom & friends
AV/DJ: Andy Cheung @WavProduction
MC: Ray Ng


StephMattstephanie and matt highlights (0-00-17-17)

When we first met Matt and Stephanie, there was instantly something to chat about – weddings of course! But on top of that, Stephanie is actual a beauty salon owner and does hair for weddings as well! She’s based out of Brampton and you can find her here on schedulicity! It was nice to gab about working in the industry and to just get to know each other better! We knew we were in for a fun day, as they described their wedding plans with us and told us about their bridal party. They all didn’t disappoint on the day – just as fun of a bunch as we anticipated. The groomsmen were party animals and the bridesmaids were so sweet! I distinctly remember one of the girls pausing from all the fun of dancing in the evening, to come over to my pregnant-self and ask if I needed anything like water, and if I did, she’d go grab something for me – just out of the blue! The bride herself, as busy as she was, did the same thing! Wow, I was just super appreciative of how nice everyone was.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We’ve been waiting for about 3 years to work with this guy again! For some reason the stars didn’t align until now! Mario Caputa from Avangard Photography is not only talented, but super easy to work alongside. He’s never in anyone’s way, he likes to stay back and observe, and gets some of the most amazing and unique shots we’ve ever seen – it just seems effortless for him! For those intimate and most special moments to be captured without a camera directly in your face, is probably the best thing a photographer or videographer could do for a couple. Love his style too, so check out his work! Looking forward to the next time we get to work with him again.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE SPEECH: What a touching moment it was when Stephanie’s father came up to the podium and needed to actually walk off to gather himself before speaking. It was certainly an emotional day for him and everyone else, and it really showed the effect weddings can have on people! It’s such a momentous occasion, so it’s not surprising at all! His twin brother came up to fill in while he was pulling himself together – just shows again how close this family is and the support they have for each other!

FIREWORKS: Fireworks was the only way to end this party – the perfect symbol of Stephanie and Matt’s bright and powerful relationship! We had an amazing time filming the display by Rocket Fireworks and enjoying what was ‘Matt’s idea’ – we do have to give you kudos Matt, it was one amazing show! Everyone was just buzzing afterwards – completely forgetting they were freezing cold outside in their dresses and suits!

MUSIC: Stephanie and Matt had their first dance to this song, If You’re Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield, so we knew that it meant something special to them. It’s one of those tunes that gets stuck in your head – I swear it’s been the soundtrack to my dreams ever since editing their video!

Thanks so much to the Stephanie and Matt for allowing us to be a part of their special day! You guys are seriously too photogenic – both of you looked amazing on film!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Caledon Golf and Country Club
Wedding dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe
Make up: Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen and Kennedy in Brampton (Brittany)
Hair: Koi Hair Studio (Kiki)
Shoes: Town Shoes
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Izabella Bridal Boutique
Groom Suit: Tip Top Tailors
Groomsmens’ suits: Tip Top Tailors
Cake: provided by Caledon Golf & Country Club
Florist: Stems Floral Studio
Centerpieces: provided by Caledon Golf & Country Club
Limo: ErinMills Limousine Services
DJ/MC: Dave 416-624-1177

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