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StephMattstephanie and matt highlights (0-00-17-17)

When we first met Matt and Stephanie, there was instantly something to chat about – weddings of course! But on top of that, Stephanie is actual a beauty salon owner and does hair for weddings as well! She’s based out of Brampton and you can find her here on schedulicity! It was nice to gab about working in the industry and to just get to know each other better! We knew we were in for a fun day, as they described their wedding plans with us and told us about their bridal party. They all didn’t disappoint on the day – just as fun of a bunch as we anticipated. The groomsmen were party animals and the bridesmaids were so sweet! I distinctly remember one of the girls pausing from all the fun of dancing in the evening, to come over to my pregnant-self and ask if I needed anything like water, and if I did, she’d go grab something for me – just out of the blue! The bride herself, as busy as she was, did the same thing! Wow, I was just super appreciative of how nice everyone was.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We’ve been waiting for about 3 years to work with this guy again! For some reason the stars didn’t align until now! Mario Caputa from Avangard Photography is not only talented, but super easy to work alongside. He’s never in anyone’s way, he likes to stay back and observe, and gets some of the most amazing and unique shots we’ve ever seen – it just seems effortless for him! For those intimate and most special moments to be captured without a camera directly in your face, is probably the best thing a photographer or videographer could do for a couple. Love his style too, so check out his work! Looking forward to the next time we get to work with him again.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE SPEECH: What a touching moment it was when Stephanie’s father came up to the podium and needed to actually walk off to gather himself before speaking. It was certainly an emotional day for him and everyone else, and it really showed the effect weddings can have on people! It’s such a momentous occasion, so it’s not surprising at all! His twin brother came up to fill in while he was pulling himself together – just shows again how close this family is and the support they have for each other!

FIREWORKS: Fireworks was the only way to end this party – the perfect symbol of Stephanie and Matt’s bright and powerful relationship! We had an amazing time filming the display by Rocket Fireworks and enjoying what was ‘Matt’s idea’ – we do have to give you kudos Matt, it was one amazing show! Everyone was just buzzing afterwards – completely forgetting they were freezing cold outside in their dresses and suits!

MUSIC: Stephanie and Matt had their first dance to this song, If You’re Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield, so we knew that it meant something special to them. It’s one of those tunes that gets stuck in your head – I swear it’s been the soundtrack to my dreams ever since editing their video!

Thanks so much to the Stephanie and Matt for allowing us to be a part of their special day! You guys are seriously too photogenic – both of you looked amazing on film!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe
Make up: Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen and Kennedy in Brampton (Brittany)
Hair: Koi Hair Studio (Kiki)
Shoes: Town Shoes
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Izabella Bridal Boutique
Groom Suit: Tip Top Tailors
Groomsmens’ suits: Tip Top Tailors
Cake: provided by Caledon Golf & Country Club
Florist: Stems Floral Studio
Centerpieces: provided by Caledon Golf & Country Club
Limo: ErinMills Limousine Services
DJ/MC: Dave 416-624-1177

Jane Metzger -

A slice of magic.

John and Samantha Highlights (0-02-57-00)John and Samantha Highlights (0-00-23-19)


Batman cuff links. Check. Batman cake toppers. Check. Bat signal on cake. Check. Batman socks. Check. Batman capes on socks. Check. Someone really loves Batman.

John is your typical superhero, an all-around tough guy on the outside with a genuine heart of gold on the inside! He’s the perfect compliment to sweet and adorable Samantha, the two perfect adjectives for her! You seriously just want to scoop her up with a little spoon when she scrunches up her face and giggles. Although John might look intimidating at first, he’s actually the softy between the two! He’s not afraid to tear up and get emotional – which of course, is perfect for video. Man, his reaction to Sam walking down the aisle was one of the best – he couldn’t contain himeself! What a sweet moment, that we’re happy to have captured on film:)

Samantha is actually cousins with my brother-in-law Roger, who you may remember from some of our videos such as Nothing but a Cottage and a Family and Our Family Road Trip 2013 (you can watch them over here on our Henjo’s Films page). It was incredibly sweet that Samantha had us in mind to film her wedding day from the moment she got engaged. We’re so glad that everything worked out and we were able to document such a momentous occasion in her and John’s life!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding reception at Millennium Gardens in Brampton, a newly constructed banquet center that offers a capacity of 500 guests (with a space that can be split into 3 different rooms). Even though it’s new, the owners have been in the business for 11 years and is family-run, so there is the experience there. Since everything is new, expect better A/V equipment and unique offerings like interchangeable backdrops. The only issue that you might need to consider is the space for the cocktail hour. Since it’s quite narrow in size, you may need to fill your reception space earlier as larger guest counts probably all won’t fit into the cocktail hour space.

MUSIC: For the intro, we used I’m not a Hero (Dark Knight Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard – a song we have been dying to use forever! This video was the perfect reason to include it, and we’re glad we finally got to hear this epic song in action! The main song we used was Best Friend by Jason Mraz – so many great love songs written and sung by this guy! It had a perfect little beat to it, and the lyrics are just perfect for the love story between Samantha and John! The last song used at the end was Anaconda by Nicki Minaj – it was a given when the bridal party broke out into this song and dance during the photo shoot!

GROOMSMENS’ SUITS: Didn’t the guys look sharp throughout the day and night? And how cool were their jackets during the entrances? They were actually inside/out jackets like the one seen on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! You know the one Will used to turn inside out for his days at the private school? SOOOO cool! The guys got them custom made at Luxury Plus Bespoke, so check them out if there’s something special/unique that you want to do suit-wise with your guys!

RECEPTION VIDEO: Being videographers ourselves, we’re always looking to watch other innovative videos to get the creative juices continually flowing. John and all of his groomsmen came together to act in what we thought was a hilarious video for their wedding guests (certainly our sense of humour!). Bravo to the guys for their serious acting chops! Joven Magpantay was the person behind the camera and we thought he did a fantastic job of getting some really cool shots that worked well with the music and the content itself. Although it’s 16 mins long, it entertained the guests throughout, so if you have the time, give it a watch!

These two really made our jobs easier by trusting in what we do and having the confidence in us to capture memories of a great day! We want to thank them for saying such kind words about us in their thank you speech as well – seriously made us blush! Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness and lots of BatBabies!!!!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Photography: Edmonds and McKinlay Photography
Wedding dress: Bridal Fashion Fraire
Make up: Charmartistry (Chewy)
Hair: Charmartistry (Christine)
Shoes: Nordstrom Online (Nina Shoes)
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Ebay (Note from Bride: $40 each!)
Groom Suit: custom made at Luxury Plus Bespoke
Cake: Just Temptations (Note from Bride: received an amazing deal at a bridal show)
Florist: Ester’s Floral Creations (family friend from church)
Centerpieces: made by mom – flowers purchased from Bouclair
DJ: Jaryd Gabison- akaJspitz (personal friend)
MC: Adian Pangilinan (personal friend)


Frank and Vanessa Highlights (0-01-22-22)Frank and Vanessa Highlights (0-02-32-23)
I clearly remember meeting Frank and Vanessa for the first time because we got on so well. A sign of a good conversation is when you get side tracked and stop talking about weddings!

They met 5 years ago and have discovered, even if they didn’t think it was possible before, that they were soulmates! These two basically know each other inside out! Apparently they wrote a bunch of things word for word on their cards given to each other on the morning of their wedding day. Isn’t it sweet how Frank got emotional when reading Vanessa’s card? It’s even sweeter when we find out he never usually cries! Aw, Vanessa, that’s what you do to him!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding at Mississauga Grand and I must say the highlight for me, was certainly the antipasti buffet…I know, I know, it seems like I’ve been talking about food a lot lately, but I promise it’s not because I’m eating for two now! The set up for the bread table was so elaborate – and I certainly eat with my eyes! We missed out on the seafood buffet at the end of the night, but I’m sure it was just as delicious! Coming into this wedding, we knew we were in for a lot of good food because Vanessa and Frank are a Portuguese and Italian combo! Cocktail area was a bit long and narrow for the room they were using, but it did it’s job! The good thing was that people were allowed to start heading into the reception space to have their hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Normally they have an atrium to hold cocktail hours, but they were dividing the space that day between two events. It’s a big venue that can hold up to 650 guests, so if you need the room, they have it!

PARENTS: We fell in love with the parents of these two! We knew such a loved up couple needed to learn such love from somewhere! We first witnessed the love between Frank’s adorable parents at their home when we were filming Frank getting ready. Their interactions with each other were so cute and playful. It was an exact replica of what we saw at Vanessa’s house! Her dad was a bit intimidating at first, but he’s actually the complete opposite. Super funny and just a big teddy bear – he couldn’t help the tears when he saw Vanessa in her wedding gown for the first time. SO sweet – everyone in the room was tearing up!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: We first met Radek and Magda from TeAdoro Photography when we filmed Kevin + Olivia’s wedding (nicknamed the Disney wedding!). It was great to see them again as it has been a while since then, and it’s always great to work with familiar faces! They are also a husband and wife team so they certainly have that same trust in each other as we do. Check out their portfolio!

MC: MC Donovan Fernandes of The DPF Group served up a lot of energy that night, and certainly brought the crowd to its feet for different events such as the entrances. It was the first time we saw each entrance get rated, just to give the families and wedding party that extra incentive to put all their gusto into it! They certainly put on a show and didn’t disappoint! I think my favourite entrance had to be Vanessa’s grandpa and grandma’s…for all of us insiders at the wedding, they all know what I’m talking about LOL!

MUSIC: With all the amazing speeches that night plus the interviews in the morning, we knew we needed a song that gave us the opportunity to show off all that audio. Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie was a perfect for what we were looking for. Slow beautiful buildup to a huge crescendo! We also wanted to end off with a bang, so we closed the video with one of our favourite instrumentals, the second half of Reanimation by Lights & Motion.

Listening to you guys talk about each other in the morning and in the evening during your speeches, showed us in words, how two people in love should feel about each other! Thanks for letting us film such personal displays of affection and for letting us be a part of your special day. I know we say it a lot to our couples, but it truly does mean the world to us that you trusted us to capture such a momentous occasion in your lives! You two being made for each other isn’t a cheesy thing to say, it’s true!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe (Design: Mori Lee)
Make up: Jessica Jean Myers & Associates (Meghan & Becca)
Hair: Jessica Jean Myers & Associates (Becca)
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Best For Bride (Design: After Six)
Groom Suit: Freeman Formalwear
Groomsmens’ suits: Freeman Formalwear
Cake: Irresistible Cakes
Jewellery: Bitter Sweet
Florist: In Bloom Floral Designs (Angie)
Centerpieces: In Bloom Floral Designs (Angie)
Favours: Donation to the Toronto Alzheimer Society, Forget-Me-Not Flower Seeds
Limo: Exclusive Limousine Service
DJ: DJ Johnny B of The DPF Group

Josie Fernandes -


Jeremy and Val Highlights (0-01-04-17)Jeremy and Val Highlights (0-03-02-06)
Walking into this wedding, was like walking into some sort of family reunion! We recognized so many familiar and friendly faces because we were lucky enough to film Jeremy’s brother’s wedding (Chris + Adrienne) as well as his cousin’s (Michael + Vivien). It just felt instantly comfortable when we started filming – like we were picking up where we left off! Even though all three weddings were very different, there was one common thread – great people, and great food!!!

We actually didn’t meet Valeria until the wedding day, but it was instantly like meeting an old friend. Her sweet, kind and positive energy just radiates from her and is such a perfect match for Jeremy. As Valeria’s sister said, Toby (the family dog) liked Jeremy right away, and he really is the best judge of character! Although Jeremy is soft spoken, we found him incredibly funny. It’s a subtle sort of humour that’s not in your face, and I’m sure you all got that through listening to his speech. We chuckle every time he says that bit about ‘Val carrying the groceries’.

LOVE: ‘I love you’ is sometimes a very hard thing to say, especially to your family. I know that sounds weird to some people, but I can actually understand! I don’t know if it’s a Chinese thing, but my family has the same feeling of awkwardness when those three words are ever uttered around each other! It’s SOOOO weird, because we know how much we love each other, but those words are just rarely spoken. This was sort of a common thread through the speeches that night, which is why we incorporated it into the video – it’s interesting because the words didn’t necessarily have to be said to feel how much love was actually emanating from the room between families (and can be seen in the video!). Jeremy did say it though, and all for the perfect day, his wedding day!

VENUE: We love Hart House! As we mentioned above, the food was AMAZING!!! We still dream about the ravioli we had for a starter! It is an absolutely stunning venue that oozes history and charm…did I mention that I felt like I had entered the wizarding world of Harry Potter?!? It was like a dream come true! The vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, candle-like chandeliers, and the long rectangular tables, just all came together to offer one warm and elegant space. It was also nice that they had an indoor area and outdoor tented space (plus the courtyard) for the cocktail hour, giving people loads of room to roam around when mingling, eating hors d’oeuvres and having their drinks. The ceremony space was also beautiful – I especially loved the long walkway for the entrances so we (especially the groom) could enjoy the gorgeous wedding party and beautiful bride coming down the aisle for longer:) Totally recommend!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: It’s such a great feeling when you meet with a photographer and their team at the start of the day, and you just click! We had an amazing time working alongside Lucy, Kevin, and Dallas from Lucy Chang Photography. Lucy and I actually started messaging each other before the wedding, as we were comparing notes on being preggers. Yes, two pregnant ladies together = a lot of hormones!!! So straight off the bat, there was something in common between us to gab about. Our husbands also had plenty in common…dealing with pregnant wives on a wedding shoot LOL! Lucy and I were climbing on chairs, lying on the floor, doing whatever it took to get our shot – while our husbands could only look on and shake their heads. It’s funny because when I’m in work mode, I’m in work mode, and I just forget that I’m pregnant!  Anyways, they are not only great people, they are talented as well. Check out their portfolio! Lucy’s hubby Kevin has his own company too, Fungke Images.

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Lisa Wu from Wu La La Weddings & Events (I love that name – how clever!), was great to work with! Organized and on the ball – just what you need from someone that handles all the details for you on your big day! We’ve always said that it’s beneficial for couples to look into getting a wedding planner (even if your budget only allows for day-of coordination) as it really helps you relax during the wedding and ensures things behind the scenes runs smoothly!

MAKE-UP/HAIR: Isn’t the bride just stunning? Valeria looked so elegant and beautiful on the day – she just oozed old world glamour! The hair, the make-up the dress – it just all came together! Part of the reason she became the complete package was due to the talented Rhia Amio from Rhia Amio, Make-up and Hair Artistrhi. We first were witness to her talents when she did make up for one of our brides a couple of years ago, Kin-Mei (Kin-Mei + Michael). She has an extensive portfolio and works on a range of faces, from brides, to models, to celebs! Check out her work!

MUSIC: This song is just beautiful to say the least – I absolutely loved it when I first heard it! It’s You are Mine by Spencer Combs feat. Holley Maher (Holley Maher is an artist we used for another video we did recently for Victoria + Jonathan – what a beautiful voice!)

Thank you Jeremy and Valeria for choosing us to film your big day – it was such a beautiful wedding! We wish we could do it all over again…and not just because we really want to have that delicious dinner again LOL!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Your beautiful wedding dress: Paloma Blanca
Chinese dress: Pacific Mall
Evening gown: BCBG
Shoes: Nine West
Groom Suit: IM Label
Bride’s Jewellery: Jewel Case
Bridesmaids’ jewellry: Jienezza May Jewellery
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Pacific Mall
Flowergirl dresses: David’s Bridal
Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Florist: Plush Flowers
Favours: Dickey Bee Honey (decorated by bridesmaids)
DJ: Dreamlux Studios (Matthew Chung)
Officiant: Linda Wong (All Seasons Weddings)
Photobooth: Boothclicx

Tati B CH -

Love it, just beautiful :-)

Tati B CH -

You guys did a great job, if ever know anyone that need a photographer I’ll for sure recommend you :-)

Keir and Laura Highlights (0-02-09-16)Keir and Laura Highlights (0-02-21-20)

Keir and Laura met all the way back in grade 8 at a youth dance, and have been completely in love ever since – how friggin’ adorable is that?  And as Keir said, as early as he can recall it was a foregone conclusion that they would eventually be married! And here we are today – these two lovebirds exchanged their vows and are now experiencing newlywed bliss!

We knew when we met these two that we were in for a great wedding. They told us of their love for vintage cars and how they’d incorporate that into the wedding (so unique to drive up in these cars for their ceremony entrances), the venue they chose is a venue we love to shoot at (check out Jos + Kerri’s wedding), it was an opportunity for us to go country (because they love country music!), and their genuine love for each other just jumps out at you (they are so darn adorable!). All these elements just came together to make one great video – and we happen to love the song as well. It was a song that the bride’s sister dedicated to Laura during the reception…not a dry eye in the house!

VENUE: As we mentioned, Belcroft Estates is a venue that we love to shoot at! Why? It’s charming, it’s quaint, and it’s just a stunning backdrop for all things video! One of the most appealing qualities is that you can do everything here! From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the photoshoot, and then to the reception – they have the perfect space for each event. We love the drive shed where the guys get ready – equipped with a pool table and a pinball table! Keeps the boys busy while the girls take their time to get ready!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We had a great time working with Nat Caron from Nat Caron Photography. Friendly and easy to work with – check out her stuff! She just had a baby a few months back, so we had a chance to gab about that over dinner! She was preparing me for what’s to come!

VIDEOSHOOT and WEDDING PARTY: We must say that this wedding party was FABULOUS!!! Everyone was up for ANYTHING! Riding bicycles, climbing trees, wheel barrel races…the sky was the limit! We want to thank the wedding party for being so open to our ideas, and providing their own – it was one of the most adventurous videoshoots we’ve done, that’s for sure!

FATHER/DAUGHTER and MOTHER/SON DANCE: Man, I was seriously fighting back the tears while filming this…there’s something about these dances that gets me so darn emotional! I swear it wasn’t just the pregnancy hormones! Seeing the glisten in Laura’s dad’s eyes and watching Laura’s mom tear up on the sidelines just got me all choked up. Then if that wasn’t enough, the love between mother and son just radiated off the dance floor to make me completely melt behind the camera! You could just feel the love in the atmosphere!

MUSIC: We had a few songs we were debating for this video, but Rascal Flatt’s My Wish just seemed to fit the bill perfectly for our vision. The song was brought to our attention at the reception where, as we mentioned, Laura’s sister dedicated it to the bride after her speech. The lyrics are so beautiful – we’re sure every person wishes the same things for each loved one in their lives. Also, I LOVE Rascal Flatts – there’s something about their songs that just gets me singing along at the top of my lungs. This song in particular was stuck in my head for ages! At the very end of the video, we also included the song, Point at You by Justin Moore, which was the same song that was playing when the couple were announced husband and wife, and drove off into the sunset in that amazing car! A perfect ending, to a perfect wedding:)

We want to say a big huge thank you to Keir and Laura for choosing us to film their big day (even booking us without a meet-up first!). The fact that you trusted us to capture such a special and momentous occasion in your life means the world to us!  We hope we did your beautiful day justice!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


*Note from the bride: All of these people/organizations did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Wedding dress: Helen’s Bridal in Barrie (Celeste by Maggie Sottero)
Alterations: Joanne from Ina’s Bridal Alterations
Make up: Kerri Miller from Finishing Touches Mobile Hair and Makeup Services
Hair: Finishing Touches Mobile Hair and Makeup Services
Shoes: Herbert’s Western Boots (Women’s Brown/Turquoise Floral Tool Boot – C1620)
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Sears
Groom Suit: Harry Rosen
Groomsmens’ suits: Vests and Ties from Moores
Cake: That Added Touch
Jewellery: Family heirlooms
Florist: Opulence Floral
Favours: Homemade by an aunt
Centerpieces: Mason jars with flowers by Opulence Floral, the rest was homemade by the mother of groom
DJ: Marcel from Keep Them Dancing
Officiant: Kate Sparling from Kettle Creek Weddings

Jennifer Hoffarth MacFarlane -

OMG the tears are flowing. Beautiful video Laura and Keir. You wedding was beautiful.

Lone Spangler Swaffield -

what great memories !!!! We loved being part of your big day !!!