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So we’ve done some fun music videos in the past…somehow all involving my dad with his top off (don’t ask!), but this time around, we’ve shone the spotlight on someone else.

Mega-talented artist Drega uses All I Know to share a journey about growing up in Brampton, and ultimately, hopes for the next generation. Here’s his take on what he wanted to express through this song:

I wrote this song from the perspective of the brown kid growing up in Brampton in response to the xenophobe who wonders why we stick to ourselves and why we don’t just become more like them. But rather then make it an “us vs them” thing as is so often the case in the media, I wanted to bring us all together to see the commonalities we all share, particularly, hope for all our children’s future.

It was great having the opportunity to use our creative juices in a new way by producing this music video with a message – we couldn’t have picked a better artist to work with!

To download the song:

All I Know on Spotify: http://bit.ly/alliknowspotify
All I Know on iTunes: http://bit.ly/alliknowitunes

For more on Drega:


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Maria and Matt Highlights (0-01-49-08)Maria and Matt Highlights (0-03-27-08)

It was our last wedding of 2014 and boy was it great to end off the year on a high note! Thanks to the lovely couple, Maria and Matthew, we were able to enjoy and film a beautiful winter wedding at the Venetian in Vaughan.

THE COUPLE: Sometimes I think it’s crazy how in depth we get to know a couple just through email/phone communications, a consultation, and a wedding! We always end up feeling like we’ve known the couple for years! After Maria and Matthew’s festivities, we really felt like it was easy picking out all the important themes that came out of their wedding to tell their story through film. The difficult part was choosing what to highlight and use! There were so many defining characteristics about both of them as individuals, their relationship, and the surrounding love they had from their families.

– they are both massive football fans, but cheer for different teams
– Maria loves Shakespeare (so does Matthew’s mother!) and is a self-confessed bookworm  – this is why we referenced one of Shakespeare’s quotes at the beginning of the video and ended it off with Maria quoting a line from Romeo and Juliet
– they met online and each thought the other could possibly a catfish – they thought it was too good to be true!
– family (those still here and those that have passed) are super important to the both of them
– Matthew tells it like it is – ‘honest’ was the key word of the night!
– they both love Cuba and love to travel

These are just some of the unique points about the couple that we learned in such a short span of time!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding at The Venetian in Vaughan which is a venue that can hold private gatherings of 25 but also accommodate numbers of up to 900! It gives off an old Victorian charm with cream furnishings and gold trimmings. There is ample space for a cocktail hour too which is always a plus in my books. The DJ and MC we met from Digital Entertainment Group (The Venetian’s in-house team) were also very easy to work with, which is a massive plus for us as videographers. We always knew when the next event was coming up – they were constantly touching base with us throughout the whole evening which was super important. A definite plus to go with this team if you decide to book with this venue.

WEDDING DRESS: Didn’t Maria’s dress fit her like a glove?! She looked stunning! The gown was absolutely made for her – the feathers, the shape, the train – it was a match made in heaven! As the maid of honour said in her speech, Maria is effortlessly sexy! Apparently she laughs and somehow gets abs LOL! Anyways, if you’re looking for a similar dress, the design is Ledurne by Pronovias.

MUSIC: After watching the dream-like first dance, we knew we had to start off this video with the song that the couple used, Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. We knew it was a special song for the two of them as there were moments during the dance where the groom was singing the song passionately to his bride. There was definitely love radiating off the dancefloor – and we’re sure all the guests could feel it as they watched on. We then wanted to bring up the tempo a bit for the rest of the reception and dancing scenes, so we thought Beyonce’s XO was a perfect fit. It has the perfect slow-placed melody/intro for what we thought was an amazing speech by Maria’s sister, Ana. If we had more time for the video, we would’ve used more snippets from her speech! She did such a great job!

Thanks so much to Maria and Matthew for choosing us to film their big day – it was definitely a nice way to end off our 2014 wedding season! We’re sure 2015 is going to be a great start for you two in married life – enjoy every moment!

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Make up: Makeup By Jesserie Carpio
Hair: Hair by Tanya
Shoes: Osvaldo Rossi
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Diva Boutique
MOH dress: Alyce Paris
Groom tux: Freeman Formalwear
Groomsmens’ tux: Freeman Formalwear
Cake: The Cake Boutique
Jewellery: Edwards and Davies
Florist: Maria’s mom
Centerpieces: Maria’s mom

Maria Visconti -

Omg guys it’s absolutely wonderful! What a perfect way to start a Friday and after our long hours at work! You guys are amazing and you are so gracious with your words!!!! Maria & Matthew

Before our wedding season began last year, we were lucky enough to holiday in Italy, Holland, England, and Wales – a mini Eurotrip of sorts where we were spoiled with scenery for photos! Here are some of our favourite snaps from the vacation! As you can see, we used a new editing technique, so the images look hyper-real. This artistic style really emphasized the different textures and colours of the various scenes we saw within each city. It just makes each photo pop!

We had such a blast and wish we could go back…especially now, being in the thick of this Canadian winter!

One last note, the food was unreal in Italy and needs to be highlighted – it’s a must-go destination for that reason alone!

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Maria Visconti -

Absolutely stunning you guys are for real!

Esther Shephard -

wow these pictures are amazing guys, Joanie you look great, loving the tractor! thanks for sharing x

Maeve Shephard -

Gorgeous pictures – they look unreal! xx

Sandra Clark -

Stunning photos!

Jason and Chantelle Highlights (0-04-03-03)Jason and Chantelle Highlights (0-03-37-12)

There is something truly special about Jason and Chantelle’s relationship – it is a love that you can just feel once you step inside a room with the two of them! They were so incredibly kind and genuine from the very first time we met them, and we could see throughout the wedding day how much they are loved by their family and friends.

We have to mention that the atmosphere could only be described as electric during the reception!  There was so much cheering, hollering, applauding, and response from the crowd that the the fun and excitement levels went up by about 10 notches! Kudos to all the guests for getting into every activity and just adding so much energy to the night! I can seriously understand why TV sitcoms have laughing tracks – when a crowd gets involved, it just creates more buzz! The entrances were particularly entertaining to watch and I’m sure the crowd appreciated all the effort and thought put into making those entrances a perfect opener to what was an amazing night!

SPEECHES: One of the reasons the night went so well was due to the speeches. From thoughtful to funny to downright moving, we were all on one big emotional roller coaster ride! I have to say that both Jason and Chantelle’s dads cracked me up the most! Both of them just hit the right notes to make everyone in the audience bowl over with laughter. There is truly something special about embarrassing your son on his wedding day with artwork and poems from elementary school LOL! There were so many bits from ALL the speeches that I wanted to use in the video, but alas, I could only fit in what I did! As a video editor, it’s a good problem to have – I was spoiled with choice!

FATHER/DAUGHTER DANCE: The special bond between father and daughter was completely evident on the wedding day. As Chantelle mentioned in her speech, her father has been through a tough year, so it made the wedding day that much more emotional for the both of them and their family. Once the father/daughter dance begun, I knew it was going to be one of those ‘I need to hold in the tears’ moments. I’ve welled up before behind the camera, but I seriously couldn’t hold back what was Niagara Falls rolling down my cheeks when filming this dance. I don’t even think it was the hormones – I think I would’ve been the same if I wasn’t pregnant! Such a moving moment that, even as a wedding videographer and not a guest, I will never forget!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We had such a great time working with Erin Blackwood from Erin Blackwood Photography. We have to say a huge thank you to her as she’s the person that put us in touch with this couple in the first place! She is fun, laid back, and just so easy to be around (plus, she has some awesome tattoos)! Love her romantic, whimsical, and edgy style – so talented! If you’re still looking for a photographer, check out her portfolio! We look forward to working with her again in the future!

VENUE: The wedding was held at Millennium Gardens Banquet Hall, the same place that John and Samantha’s wedding was held this year. Check out their blog post for info on this venue!

MUSIC: We’ve been waiting to use this song for a long time, it’s one of our favourites! John Legend’s You and I has such a fantastic beat, melody, and beautiful lyrics – just totally worked with this couple and the footage that we got.

It’s after filming weddings like this one that we feel so privileged to be doing what we’re doing. To be given the opportunity to share in such tender and intimate moments in a couple’s lives does not go over our heads – we really appreciate how much trust they need to put in us to capture their big day and to be involved in such a momentous occasion. Thank you Jason and Chantelle for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We hope we told your wedding story the way you would want it to be told to your future kids and grandkids!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding dress: Promises and Lace
Make up: The bride herself!
Hair: Zainab Nawab
Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom Suit: Freeman Formals
Groomsmens’ suits: Freeman Formals
Cake: Irene’s Celebrity Cakes
Florist: Erin Mills Florist and Gifts

Jason Frank Puskas -

Words alone cannot explain how much of a masterpiece this piece of work is! So happy with the results, are friends and family can’t stop watching :) Thanks for capturing all the perfect moments that we will have with us for life :)

Remember our baby bump shoot with my cousin Will and his lovely wife Tiff? Well, their baby Mila has arrived and they recently celebrated her 100 days in the world! Here are some pics from the event held by Mila’s most extraordinary parents.

The first photo cracks me up every time! You know she is on her way to becoming one little diva – cut eye at its best LOL!

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