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This 3-day wedding event was all kinds of EPIC-ness – I don’t think I could describe it any better really! This was our first time filming a wedding of this size (1100 guests to be exact!), and boy was it an incredible sight to see. You could literally feel the energy, the electricity, and all the love in the room! The couple certainly put on a show for all of their family and friends that reception night and ended it all off with one of the best dance parties we’ve ever seen! They basically capped off an amazing 3 days filled with love, laughter, tradition and celebration.

VENUE: There aren’t many venues that hold over one thousand guests, but Paramount Conference and Event Venue in Vaughan is one of them! The venue was large but surprisingly intimate at the same time! Elegant, modern, and a perfect backdrop for most decor designs. They also did an amazing job of managing and serving a delicious buffet to a lot of hungry guests. The venue is part of byPeterandPauls hospitality and event group, which have an amazing reputation in the industry! They certainly know how to handle large numbers, so if you’re looking for a a venue with experience, this is the place for you!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Zaheer Molu from Z Molu Photography is a brilliant photographer! Love every picture I see him post on Facebook – he just has an eye for those details that people just miss! It’s difficult sometimes to produce something completely different in wedding photography, and I really think he does that. He’s able to step outside the box and see something unique. Not only is he a great photographer, he was a lovely person to work with. He is cool and calm while doing his job, but also likes to have fun with his couples and the guests!  We’re looking forward to seeing what photos he comes up with next!

WEDDING COORDINATOR: We had the pleasure of working with the team at Demaska Events. They were super organized and communicated with us before, during, and after the event! They were always making sure that we had everything we needed, and made sure we were aware of the schedule. I’m sure managing a large event is super stressful, but everyone on the team looked calm and cool, and based on what we saw, the event went on without a hitch! Or as great wedding coordinators do, the ‘hitches’ are smoothed over without anyone noticing!

MUSIC: We have been waiting for the right event to come along to use this incredible song, Surrender to Hope by Immediate Music. Initially we were saving the song for our next big holiday montage, but couldn’t resist using it when we went through the footage for this wedding. This song calls for grand and epic events, and that is certainly what unfolded over the 3 days at Taran and Preet’s wedding. This song will go down in my history anyways, as one of the best instrumentals ever – gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it!

A NOTE FROM HENRY:  I normally don’t write in the blog, but I wanted to share a short story that I feel sums up the groom pretty well. On the first day of shooting, I was due to finish at 10pm, however the food wasn’t being served until 10:30. Taran insisted that I have some food even after I said there was no need.  He took it upon himself to leave the party and his guests to take me into the kitchen and ask the boss if it was possible to hook me up with some food before I left. With the snap of the boss man’s fingers, my Indian food craving was fulfilled. This is just one anecdote of how the couple went above and beyond to make us feel as comfortable as possible at all times.

Thank you both again for being such a great couple to work with! We want to wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

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It was an amazing two days witnessing the love between Kuntal and Jeppe, two gorgeous people (both inside and out) uniting two very different cultures together as one! What I’ve been told is that Danish weddings are a tad more subdued in comparison to Indian weddings, which can be quite grandiose! I think Kuntal said it best in her speech when she thanked Jeppe and his family for participating in her dream wedding, which may have been quite a foreign experience for them! Every one of Jeppe’s family members couldn’t have looked happier on the day, so we’re sure this foreign experience was welcomed with open arms!

VENUE: The couple had their wedding at Nestleton Waters Inn, which was a venue I had considered for my own wedding. If you’re looking for beautiful marquees and backdrops, this space is for you!  Although it’s not located in the GTA and in Port Perry, they operate as a B&B as well! So couples and their guests have the option of making their wedding, a lovely weekend away. I was very impressed with all the different spaces that you could use for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception – everything just tied in so nicely together and is the perfect foundation for any decor ideas and colour schemes you may have for your wedding.

DECOR: What a treat for the eyes! From all the bright colours of the henna party, to the deep reds/greens/golds of the ceremony, and then lastly to the romantic pinks and champagnes of the reception – the colours were just a treat to behold! The flowers were stunning, with decor (and a beautiful cake) to match. The bride did an amazing job putting this all together. Bravo Kuntal!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We had a great time working with Jamieson Dean from Jamieson Dean Photography. We actually met him a few years back when he shot at our cousin’s wedding. We remember the photos being amazing, and he certainly continues to do brilliant work! Check him out!

DJ: This is the first time we have ever worked with a female DJ, and we don’t know why! DJ Lynz (Lindsey Pallister) did a fab job that night and certainly shows that there should be more females representing in this line of work!

MUSIC: We have been waiting and waiting and waiting to use this song, All this Time by OneRepublic, for the right couple and the right wedding. Once we reviewed the footage, we knew this was it! We fell in love with this song the first time we heard it, and it was the perfect backdrop for Kuntal and Jeppe’s highlights. Their love for one another really propels the song forward and makes you really listen to the lyrics (which are beautiful)! We also started off the video with the very famous Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker, by Pytor Tchaikovsky. The timing and playful melody of the song worked perfectly with the ‘cutting of the socks’ ceremony and tied in with the Danish tradition of dancing to a Waltz at the end of the wedding night (which Kuntal and Jeppe did so elegantly!).

CUTTING OF THE SOCKS: Just thought I would take this opportunity to explain the Danish ‘Cutting of the socks’ tradition at weddings. What’s the point of it all? Apparently, it’s to stop the husband from being unfaithful. In the old days, a Dane would only have one pair of boots and socks.  Unsuspecting maidens would be able to tell if he was married man, as soon as he took his boots off! LOL! We learn something new at every wedding!

Huge thanks to Jeppe and Kuntal for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their amazing day. You two remind us how special it is to find love and make it work, even though you come from two different countries! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!

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We wanted to get two contrasting landscapes for this shoot, so we took the mom and dad-to-be to Kensington market in downtown Toronto and the beaches at Ashbridges bay – the backdrops worked out perfectly and gave us the variety of shots we were looking for! Baby Yu will be arriving soon, and we can’t wait to meet the little one! Congrats once again to Tiff and Will! You guys totally worked the camera…have you two done this before?:)

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such cute shots!!!! Loved both backdrops!

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Shaun and Cindy’s wedding was all about having fun, fun, and more fun – it was certainly an event to remember! These two even surprised their guests by DJing a set at their own after party! Shaun and Cindy definitely put on a show, and the perma-smiles on everyone’s faces all day and night proved they were successful!

VENUE: Guests enjoyed a beautiful day in the lovely marquee erected in the back garden as the couple’s residence transformed into CLUB SS, the coolest place for an after party that we’ve ever seen! It was the perfect space to use for all the activities going on throughout the day. From the door games to the ceremony, and the reception to the after party, every space suited every event taking place! And what a bonus it was to get married and party with family and friends in the comfort of their own home – really puts some extra meaning behind such a significant day!

PHOTOGRAPHER: It was our first time working with Joee Wong, and it was an absolute pleasure! The guy is super friendly, easy going, relaxed, and easy to work with! A great combo for a wedding day, which can be frantic and stressful at times. He really puts his subjects at ease and just does his thing as the couple does theirs – nothing ever seemed forced! He’s a busy guy that gets booked up fast, so contact him in advance!

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Making our jobs easier were Nellie and Jackie from L3 Events! Even though they were managing a billion things on the day, they always managed to come up to us and ask if we were okay. A sign of very good multi-taskers, which of course, is necessary to be successful wedding coordinators! Great job executing this event ladies!

DJ: As we mentioned above, Shaun and Cindy treated their guests to an amazing after party in their residence after the reception.  When we say amazing, it’s largely due to the DJ, and they got one of the best – DJ Jovie J - to spin the tunes.  This was one of those parties that we couldn’t help but want to dance! Awesome mixing, perfect song selection, and an ability to hype the crowd at the right times – we highly recommend his services!

MUSIC: The song we used for this video was one of our favourite tunes when vacationing in the UK, Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) by Clean Bandit. Not sure if the song has made it to Canada yet, but we think it will soon! With such a fun and upbeat atmosphere at the wedding, we knew we had to find a song that would match the mood of the day and this song worked out perfectly! We also used Language by Peter Robinson, which is a song close to the heart of the groom, so we are glad we were able to fit it in for the after party bits of the day! It worked really well and showed off the high tempo energy of that night (and wee hours of the morning!) – makes you want to pump your fists in the air!

Thanks once again to Shaun and Cindy for choosing us to film their big day! We’re so happy to have met such a sweet and fun-loving couple that don’t take life too seriously! You guys truly rocked it out as DJs that night…might be a 2nd career option to consider:)

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Wedding Dresses (incl Chinese Dress): Taobao.com
Shoes: Taobao.com
Bridesmaids Dresses: Taobao.com


Mindy and Felix’s story started all the way back in highschool where they met, became friends, and eventually fell in love! So what better way to embrace that journey from dating all the way through to marriage, a child, and another one on the way, than to bring them back to the place where fate took its course! The Woodlands High School in Mississauga was a perfect backdrop for our family shoot – it had brick walls, fences, school buses, bleachers, fields of grass, and a neighbouring playground – plenty to work with! It was also the perfect time of day to get those lovely shots with the sun peaking out from behind them. Thanks once again to the Chung family for choosing us to capture the love of their family. Mindy’s due date is coming up – we can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Until the next post,
Joanie x

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Hehe! Love the pictures guys! Really captured all the love and laughter! :)

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You guys are AWESOME! Thank you guys so much for such beautiful pictures. You guys were so great with Tyler and so patient with us the whole time. We really can’t thank you enough for these!!

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henjofilms, you really captured the beauty and the love of the Chungs in this photoshoot. Really diggin’ the bus and truck shots. And, kudos to you for revisiting The Woodlands. Absolutely charming!