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Rachel and Andrew Highlights (0-04-28-22)
Rachel and Andrew Highlights (0-03-04-21)

There is something just so sweet and endearing about this couple. When we first met them, their kind and gentle nature just made us instantly go, ‘Aw, they are so darn cute!’ You can just tell that they are totally in love!

As the use of English and Cantonese was being interchanged throughout the whole day and night, we thought we would keep it just as authentic in the video and not use subtitles. For those of you who don’t speak Cantonese, I’m sure you can get the gist of what’s happening, as we were given an outpouring of different emotion from the couple and their family/friends. Their expressions of love, laughter, and tears truly crossed all language barriers!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding in the Grand Hall at the lovely Eagle’s Nest Golf Club. With a capacity for 250 guests, this room has two walls completely lined with large windows overlooking the stunning grounds below! They had their wedding outside in a lovely little area where a beautiful staircase can be used for the bride’s grand entrance. If you’re up for going down stairs in your wedding gown, this entrance can certainly offer you and your guests a unique view, as all your guests’ eyes are able to focus on you alone. Gives you more time to take it all in too!

BADMINTON: It was (as we tag-lined!) game, set, and love-match for Rachel and Andrew when they first met through their mutual love of badminton. Trust me, they are all-stars at the sport and had their whole badminton crew at the wedding to prove it! We knew we had to incorporate something that was so important to the both of them into the video, so it worked out perfectly that we decided to use it as a little title/intro to the whole highlight video. The best man’s speech was hilarious as well, and it just so happened that some of it was about badminton, so what a great start and set-up for the rest of the video!

DANCES: As you can tell from their highlights, the couple has a love for dance. They actually go for lessons once a week as a hobby and you can certainly tell as they gracefully danced across the dancefloor (twice!) to the delight of their guests. On top of the two dance performances from the bride and groom, they also surprised guests with a flash-mob dance to Everything is Awesome (from the Lego movie) by Tegan and Sara. People from the crowd just started filing onto the dance floor, dancing in unison with the whole bridal party! With their personalities and go-lucky attitude, Rachel and Andrew’s soundtrack to life should definitely be this song!

MUSIC: The favour for their guests was a CD compilation of all the important music the couple used throughout the day and night at the wedding. There were so many amazing songs to choose from, but we knew there was one we had to use for the highlight video, La Califfa by Ennio Morricone (the song used for the bride’s ceremony entrance). LOVE this song – super emotional and absolutely breathtaking – just the type of song we needed to show of their emotional first look! The rest of the day produced a range of emotions, but the overall feeling was sweet and fun, so we chose I Choose You by Sara Bareilles. Such a lovely tune and an amazing voice!

Thanks once again to Rachel and Andrew for choosing us to film their big day! We are so glad that the guests at your second reception in HK enjoyed watching the video as well – we seriously wish we could’ve been there to witness the reactions….and have the food too LOL! We love HK!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding Dress: Kenneth Winston
Chinese Dress: Rental from Phoebe’s Collection (located at First Markham Place)
Evening Gown: Sweetheart (located at Pacific Mall)
Hair/Head Pieces: Satine Makeup & Hair Styling Studio (All head pieces were provided by Satine – the veil however, was made by the bride)
Jewellery: Satine Studio Jewellery (except the Dragon/Phoenix gold bracelets)
Shoes: Nine West
Bridesmaids’ dresses: custom made
Groom Suit: custom made
Groomsmens’ suits: custom made
Cake/Cupcakes: Yummy Sweets (Note from the bride: I requested to have Green Tea as one of the flavours of my cup cakes! They are super nice to work with in terms of picking inspiration/design/colours/flavours)
Florist: Secrets Floral Collection (Note from the bride: They are super nice to work with too, Zoe has very good knowledge of flowers. She was willing to spend time to work with my inspiration while matching my budget)
Ceremony & Head Table Decoration: Secrets Floral Collection

Eilene and Anthony Highlights (0-02-06-10)Eilene and Anthony Highlights (0-02-39-17)_1

When we met Eilene and Anthony for the first time, there was this instant connection of friendship! Whether it was the fact that they were recommended by two photographers we worked with in the past (the amazing duo of Ciji and Jonathan from Almost Married at Kerri + Craig’s wedding), or the fact that our personalities just clicked, we were SOOO happy that we met these two and that they ended up choosing us to film their big day!

Anthony is a DJ by trade (Dj Jr Eh), so we knew right off the bat that music was going to be very important to him and the couple. They definitely demonstrated that throughout the wedding in the details. They had records for people to sign as their guestbook, and a rockin’ DJ at the end of the night! The sweetest thing is Anthony’s wedding band – it’s actually engraved with the sound wave of Eilene’s vow to Anthony! How creative and incredibly meaningful!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding at a unique venue in downtown Toronto on Queen street, The Burroughes. Sitting on top of a hip furniture store, the Burroughes offers a modern take on an event space with exposed brick and installations with large windows on one side for natural light. One standout feature is its rooftop terrace (with bar!) available to guests throughout the night with amazing views of the city. One thing to keep in mind though is how they deal with larger guests counts. If you have more than a certain number of guests, your tables have to be split between two adjoining rooms. The way Eilene and Anthony dealt with that situation is a projector, where they had a live feed of the action in one room going directly onto the screen of the other room. The two rooms don’t feel too separate though as there is a large opening in the wall between the two spaces to make it feel like one. Best thing to do is have a look at it yourself and see if it works for your numbers!

CATERING: The couple opted to not do a sit down meal, but rather offered street food cocktail style (with food stands) throughout the night! Food was fab and came from a few different places: Sukho Thai Food, Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, & Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine. It was a nice change for guests, and gave people in the room a more relaxed feel and chance to mingle with EVERYONE and not just their table. It also helped having the rooftop terrace, as people could bring up their food and have cocktails there as well. We’re lucky the weather held up!

PHOTOGRAPHER: We worked with the lovely Jarrold Villapando – super friendly and easy to work with in every way! He was just super flexible and accommodating, which are excellent qualities to have from any of your vendors!

MUSIC: This was an example of time when a couple sent us suggestions for songs, and it just ended up working perfectly for their highlight video. The couple sent over a shortlist and we just went over each one to see what would fit with the vision we were seeing for their highlights. Once we picked our two songs to use, we couldn’t picture any other songs with the footage that we got, it really just represents the couple to a tee! The second song we used was the tune they played for their first dance, I found my Everything by Mary J. Blige – you can’t help but sway to the music, snap your fingers, and sing along with Mary at the top of your lungs! The first song we used was Stay Ready by Jhene Aiko. We fell in love with the song the first time we heard it – it’s just so suave and cool…exactly like the couple!

ENTRANCES: I must say that the entrances of the bridal party and couple were some of the best we’ve seen! This group just knows how to dance and GROOVE! They totally worked it down the runway – including the couple’s parents! It was super enjoyable to watch and they made it even more interesting by having a different song play for each couple – something brides and grooms might want to think about for their own entrances. We kind of gave that section in the video a ‘paparrazi’ feel, which worked well as they all looked like celebrities! It turned out just the way we wanted it to!

DJ/DANCING/MONEY DANCE: Music was pumping all night as expected thanks to Jimmy Manuel (Dj J-Presto) & the groom (Dj Jr Eh)! We just wanted to put down our cameras and dance! The consolation wasn’t bad though, we were being entertained by people having tonnes of fun! In the middle of it all, the traditional Filipino money dance took place. It’s where family and friends bless the couple with good fortune by pinning (or in this case, throwing) money onto the couple, and in turn the bride and groom say their thanks with a dance. What a GREAT tradition :)Super fun to witness and film!

We had a blast at the wedding and had just as much fun going through the footage and editing the video! Wishing these lovebirds all the best in the future (we know babies are going to be involved – Anthony was talking about it all day and night LOL)!

Until the next post,
Joanie x

ADDITIONAL VENDOR INFO (to be updated!):

Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Amurao from MVA Studios
Wedding Dress: Morilee (1916)
Make up: Sherlyn Torres
Hair: Reina Pagcaliwagan
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Vera Wang (Satin and Matte Crepe Peplum Dress)
Groom Suit: Empire Customs
Groomsmens’ suits: TOPMAN
Cake/Cupcakes: Sweet Surrender
Jewellery: Bitter Sweet Jewellery
Florist: Designs by Vi
Centerpieces: MVA Studios


We had a blast (as per usual) with these three little rugrats when we traveled to London just before the wedding season kicked in. Being in their lives since the early stages has been amazing, as we’ve been able to witness how much these boys have grown up! We actually put a video together years back when we were living in London and babysitting them- it seriously brings back memories every time we watch it! We thought we would share this throwback video so you too, can see how much these boys have changed!

I love the De Maria’s and am looking forward to the next time we get to see them all again!

Until the next post,
Joanie x



I’ve known Esther since I was 7 years old, and we’ve been on quite a few adventures together since then – most notably, our travels in Taiwan (I can’t wait to go back!). It was one of those times in my life that the support of good friends just made the experience that much better, and I’ll cherish it forever! Although it’s a time that’s hard to top, this latest adventure might just edge it out in a different way! When I found out Esther was pregnant, I was super excited for her and hoped that I would follow quickly along so our kids could be close in age, and grow up together…luckily everything just worked out!

I had so much fun shooting an amazingly organized baby shower filled with fun games, desirable prizes, and LOTS of food! Every guest was a willing participant and games certainly got intense! There was no shortage of laughter and it was great just watching everyone let loose!

Man, I can’t believe Esther’s is going to pop soon, and her ‘little bean’ will finally have a face and a name! Congrats once again to Esther and Carlo – your little one is going to be such a cutie!

Until the next post,
Joanie x

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Esther Chan -

Joans! These photos are phenomenal!!! They captured what an incredibly special day it was and all the warmth and emotions perfectly. Thank you so much for the lovely photos, Carlo and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Can’t wait for the babies to play together! :D :D :D

Kimberly Joy Liao -

these pictures are so lovely.
congrats estee! so excited for you!!

Karain and Derrick Highlights (0-03-34-11)Karain and Derrick Highlights (0-03-43-05)

And the awards for the cutest, sweetest, and most adorable couple is….Derrick and Karain!!! I wanted to throw in genuine too, but 4 awards for one couple might start looking a bit disingenuous on my part! But seriously, I could give 4 awards or more to this couple, as they just swept us off our feet with their kindness and bubbliness from the first moment we met them! We knew we were in for a very fun and energetic wedding day when we had our initial consultation with them a year ago. They certainly didn’t disappoint on the big day as we laughed and laughed from morning til night with all the activities planned by both the couple and their bridal party. Their personalities really shone through and we think their highlight film reflects that. I never LOL’ed so much when editing a video – there were just so many funny moments!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding (both the ceremony and the reception) at Shangri-La Banquet Hall in Markham. They have a few different rooms of different capacities to choose from, and they also have a lovely little outdoor area for some photos and video. They offer a diverse range of food selection but are known for their Chinese cuisine – tell your guests to go with an empty stomach!

PHOTOGRAPHY: We got the opportunity to work with another hubby and wife combo, Sandy and Albert from Sandy Tam Photography. Lovely people who produce lovely photos! They surprised the couple with a slideshow of photos during the reception, which was a nice treat for all guests that didn’t get to join in on the shenanigans of the morning. Here are the photos from Derrick and Karain’s big day!

WEDDING COORDINATOR: It was great working with Berlyn Lai of BLoved Events as she was super organized and on top of the wedding schedule! It’s hard to stay on track sometimes, but she made sure the important events were happening when they were supposed to. She had the organization and also the flexibility needed to be a great wedding coordinator and truly helped execute an amazing event with decor to match!

MAKE-UP: Done by the lovely Fiona Man – she works with a variety of different faces from different backgrounds and all of them end up looking naturally beautiful after Fiona works her magic! Check out her portfolio!

DJ: We bumped into Matthew Chung again from Dreamlux Studios. We worked with him on Michael + Vivien’s wedding last year, and had a blast just the same with him and his music!

MUSIC: For the intro, we used the beautiful song Alice in Atlantis by Sue Verran and Philip Guyler. And to match their fun personalities, we used the upbeat and joyful Celeste by Les Enfants.

This wedding had us in tears for both touching and LOL moments – the perfect combo for the perfect wedding! Thanks to Karain and Derrick for treating us like friends and for making us feel like we were part of their big day rather than just a couple of vendors! You and all of your family and friends made us feel so comfortable, and we’re so grateful to have been witness to your love and union!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding Dress/Chinese Dress/Evening Gown: rented at The One Bridal
Hair: Kyana Bridal Hair Artistry
Shoes: Madden Girl (The Shoe Company)
Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom Suit: Custom suits by IM Label
Groomsmens’ suits: Custom suits by IM Label
Cake/Cupcakes: One of Karain’s amazing bridesmaids – Symphony Kwong
Jewellery: Swarovski and BitterSweet
Florist: You & Me Flowers & Gifts
Favours: Donation to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Centerpieces: You & Me Flowers & Gifts

Jimmy YH Chan -

Totally enjoyed the video. Once again, hearty congrats to the newly-wed couple. Sweet loving moments forever.

Sandy Tam -

Love the edit guys!! Now I’m teary…