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Henjo Wedding Video TEASER!

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We’ve been hearing a lot of, ‘Are you finished your wedding video yet?’…and rightly so….it’s been a pretty loooong time since Henry and I got married – 10 months and 2 days to be exact! It’s not that we’ve been procrastinating, it’s just that we wanted to finish all the projects we were working on for henjofilms before we started our own.

Surprisingly, Henry and I didn’t disagree on much, and luckily had similar thoughts on how we wanted to tell our story. We thought we were heading for certain battle when producing our video, but thank goodness we were able to avoid that!

One thing we definitely agreed on was creating a mini teaser, which we’re premiering here! After realizing that it wasn’t possible to show every bit of our wedding day in the main highlight video (which we tried our best to!), the only solution was to show a few highlights that we couldn’t fit in, but loved nonetheless!

To those that have been waiting for our wedding video, you’ll have to wait a little longer, but hopefully this teaser will hold you over until then!

Until the next post,
Joanie x

Esther Shephard - April 4, 2014 - 11:17 am

I love the teaser of the wedding vid guys! so can’t wait to see the finish film at the premiere. theres a lot more men kissing men than i remember!?

Helen Elizabeth Smart - April 6, 2014 - 7:52 am

Fab video guys – can’t wait to see the full version xx

Esther Chan - April 14, 2014 - 3:27 am

Epic!!! Cannot wait for the full version!

Close Encounters of the ‘Georgie’ Kind…

George Clooney Encounter
It’s #ThrowbackThursday today and we have over a week to go until the Oscars, so I thought it would be fitting to share a video of our closest encounter with an A-list celebrity (who happens to be in ‘Gravity’, one of this year’s best picture nominees!).

It’s GEORGE CLOONEY!!! Or as my mom calls him quite affectionately, ‘Georgie’.

My parents were visiting us in London back in 2009, and the London Film Festival was going on at Leicester Square. We decided to check it out as we were walking past, and boy, are we glad we did! Only a few moments later, a limo pulls up and…well, just watch the video!

WARNING: There are a lot of, ‘OMGs’, ‘he’s so cool’, ‘Georgie, Georgie, Georgie!’….It’s all ‘mom’ for that last phrase, and I’m at fault for the first two! I must’ve been having an out of body experience or something, because I can’t remember sounding so crazy! Yeah, I sounded pretty darn LOCO. And as you will see in the video, my mom is just as LOCO as me – calling ‘Georgie’ over like a little puppy, clapping her hands and screaming in a pitch only dogs could hear. Oh mom, I love her. Hen and my dad? They played it cool…

On a side note, Gravity was visually stunning in 3D and in the theatre! I hope everyone had a chance to watch this one on the big screen! Excellent movie! We’re trying to watch all the Oscar nominated films before Oscar Sunday, and we’ve now watched 3/9. Long way to go, but we’ve been very happy with what we watched so far! Check out Gravity, Dallas Buyer’s Club, and Captain Phillips…all super intense from beginning to end! Oh, and we’re watching 12 Years a Slave tonight – can’t wait!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Happy Valentine’s Day (and #FlashbackFriday)!

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Although it’s officially Valentine’s Day today, in Twitterverse, it is also #FlashbackFriday! In light of this, I thought I would share a video I surprised Henry with, on our 5 year (dating) anniversary back when we were still living in London and on the brink of moving to Canada. I can’t believe it’s been so many years since then! The video includes personal photos and video clips from our first five years together…here are a few highlights:

- how we first met
- Henry surprising me a day early in Canada
- Henry meeting my parents for the first time
- hometown visits
- our travels

Although this video is very super lovey-dovey, and posted on a very super lovey-dovey day, we can’t mislead you all. Many of you know that after our wedding festivities this past June, we posted a very different version of our LOVE STORY and how we met…I guess you will all have to decide which version is TRUE:)

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Joe + Jenny | McMichael Gallery | Kleinburg, ON

joe jenny2joe jenny3

This wedding was all about familiar faces! How did we end up filming this wedding in the first place? Well the groom, Joe Rah was the officiant at Kin + Michael’s wedding (speaking of Kin and Michael, we saw them at the wedding and met their adorable addition to the family! What a lovely surprise – congrats you two!!). Ok, back to the post…if you watch Kin and Michael’s video and read the blogpost, you’ll see how much Joe stood out as an officiant to us! He was funny, personable, friendly…we could go on! He really made the ceremony unique, fun and enjoyable. So what a lovely surprise it was when he contacted us for his own wedding! Does his personality not just jump off the screen? Based on just our consultation and the wedding day alone, we could tell his lovely bride Jenny, was the perfect balance for Joe. They are certainly a match made in heaven:)

VENUE: Joe and Jenny’s wedding was held at McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg – the same venue we filmed Adrienne + Chris’ wedding. It was interesting to see and experience the same venue in the winter compared to the spring. The interior space worked well in both seasons because it gives off that ‘cottagy’ feel. I think the best way to describe it is cosy! With the winter decor and holiday accents, they certainly transformed the space to make it work with the natural beauty of the season.

WINTER WEDDING: Although it was freezing cold on the wedding day, Jenny was definitely right when she chose to sacrifice warmth for stunning shots in the winter! It was great to work with different scenery and props (the lovely snow!) – a change from the usual summer backdrop. The couple were both troopers, standing out in below 0 degree temperatures to get the perfect shots! We want to thank Joe again for being so cool about sticking his tongue on that icy branch! Don’t worry people, he was able to ‘detach’ himself without harm LOL!

MUSIC: This was all Joe and Jenny! They really liked the song Best Day of my Life by American Authors and told us about it before we started editing their video. We had a listen and couldn’t help tapping our toes and bopping our heads! Once we actually filmed the wedding, we knew straight away that the song would work perfectly! The wedding tone and theme was all about laughter, and this bright and happy song just worked incredibly well with the footage. They also told us that they loved the Ingrid Michaelson song, The Way I Am, which was also the song they used for their first dance. We thought it would be fitting to include the song as a mini intro to the video and introduce their adorable first dance together and the lovely winter shots.

INTRO: Before I even started editing this highlight video, I chose to start off with a title – Joe and Jenny’s names, and a tagline that I thought would be fitting for the two of them ‘Live.Laugh.Love.’…it just seemed to echo the sentiment of the day! Then crazily, I was going through some of the footage that Henry was taking (which of course I was seeing for the first time), and he got a shot of a box they were using for cards at the sign-in table, with the same saying! I knew then and there, that this quote was something this couple TRULY lived by…you could see it in them, and everyone around them! On another note about the intro, we thought the falling snowflakes at the beginning of the video would be a nice touch – hope you liked it too!

MCs: This was certainly a first for us to witness…the bride and groom MC’ed their own wedding! Joe and Jenny decided to do this because MC’ing has a lot to do with how they got together. For them, it was just fitting to do something that related to how their love began! Super unique that is for sure, and it’s a way to get your guests to listen up!

MAKEUP/HAIR/PHOTOGRAPHY: We were very happy to bump into some familiar faces at this wedding! They both happened to be vendors from the same wedding we filmed last year (Vivien + Michael). Maggie Ng, makeup artist extraordinaire, did an amazing job on Jenny! I’m sure you can agree based on all the closeups of the bride during the getting ready portion of the day. Maggie has an incredible talent for enhancing natural beauty and not making brides look overdone – it all just looks effortless! Then there was Clifton Li from MoKaLi Photography, who did an amazing job of taking shots in the blistering cold! He was without his partner, Marcin Moka (who was on holiday), but still worked his magic throughout the day and night. It was great working with him again!

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Rebecca Chan from Rebecca Chan Wedding and Events did an amazing job of coordinating this winter affair. We always knew where we needed to be and when things were happening – which of course, is the main reason we all need wedding coordinators! Less stress, less worrying, and more time having fun:)I’m sure the couple were thoroughly pleased with Rebecca’s assistance throughout the event. Kind and approachable as well – definitely recommend her services to anyone looking!

As Joe, your sister said, we should all remember to laugh every day! Both yours and Jenny’s laughter in this video, definitely reminds us what life is all about! Thank you both so much for choosing us to join in your special day and film the moments we’re sure you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding Dress: Julia’s Bridal (Designer: Sophia Tolli)
Hair: Bonnie Lim (bride’s sister!)
Shoes: Sergio Rossi
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Outerinner
Favours: DIY (Christmas ornaments)
Centerpieces: DIY (or as the groom would like to call it, ‘JL Customs’ – Jenny Lim Customs!)
Cake: Natalie Ott
Jewellery: Armand Jewellers
Groom suit: Luxury Plus (Custom made)
Groomsmens’ suits: Luxury Plus (Custom made)
Stationary: Stephita
Flowers: Stephita (brooch bouquets), Jennifer’s Flowers and Gifts (boutonnieres)

Letinha Mgcs - February 8, 2014 - 1:28 pm

Beautiful job once again Henjo! You guys Rock! Congratulations Jenny & Joe…you guys are adorable. All the very best to you!

T A G   C L O U D