Get to know Henjo

Hi there, it’s really nice to meet you! I’m Joanie! I also want to introduce you to my hubby and partner-in-crime, Henry, hence the extremely clever name of HEN-JO-Films. When we’re not busy thinking of clever business names, we film weddings, corporate videos, personal projects and anything else that wants to fall nicely in front of our lenses. We love to laugh like, LOL, wherever possible, we love to banter and bicker in the car ride between shoots, we love to travel the world there are so many more places on our bucket list, and we LOVE telling stories YOUR story through film. We never take anything too seriously but give our couples and clients the professionalism they deserve. We just do our best to make everyone feel at home around us and we hope we get the chance to show that to you too!


HENRY: Lead Cinematographer

Henry is originally from Clifden, a small town on the west coast of Ireland. I met him while we were both teaching English in Taiwan. His accent is the reason I fell in love with him, seriously...cue the 'true' Love Story again! People seem to laugh at his jokes even when I don't, so I guess he's funny - I'm sure I've just tuned him out gradually over the last 14 years! One of his favourite pastimes is watching movies, and he either loves something or hates something. So basically, countless films are described as, 'the best film I've ever seen' or 'the worst film I've ever seen'.


In addition to his cinematography talents, he has a motion graphics background which really comes in handy when we want to add that little something extra to our videos. On that note, he can animate your logo if you have one! Oh, and I can't finish Henry's bio without mentioning his love for our drone - his baby, his favourite topic of conversation, his ultimate toy - thankfully for me, this toy is able to add another level and dimension to our videos. So when his toys can help elevate our films, I can't complain (or secretly hide it from him)!

JOANIE: Lead Editor

Ok, so a little bit about me...I always knew deep down that I wanted to do something creative when it came to a career, so when I was first introduced to cinematography and editing, I knew I found the 'thing' I was supposed to do. I absolutely LOVE video editing, probably just as much as I love eating, cooking, dancing, shopping, and watching a good movie (like Henry!). I can't say I love it as much as my daughter Lea though. My love for her is on a whole other level and I'm sure you would know that from reading our blog and going through our Facebook and Instagram pages! Hopefully you find her just as adorable as I do - you'll be in my good books for life!


When it comes to editing our films (sorry, the baby talk sidetracked me!), I'm always looking for a different angle to center my story around - just anything to make each video unique to the next. I promise that there is no cookie-cutter editing happening over here. Watch our videos and you'll see!


Lastly, I love all things wedding. Luckily for me, we've found ourselves in the industry. And now, I have a blog to talk about it all! Thank you so much for visiting our site! Take your time to watch some more videos and read the blog! Be forewarned, as someone once described it to me, you may enter the rabbit hole once you've watched just one! x




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