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Ancaster Mill | Hamilton | Jason + Justine

wedding cinematography ancaster mill hamilton

Caring, nurturing, selfless, generous…these are just a few adjectives that were rolling off people’s tongues to describe the bride and groom throughout the day and night. These traits were made quite clear, even to us! I mean, we only spent time with Jason and Justine once at a consultation and then on the wedding day itself, but these characteristics shone so brightly that it was hard not to notice. I must say that we’ve truly been blessed with couples that make us feel like we’ve known them for years! Their focus on others can be traced back to how they met and is also reflected in the work that they both do today. They met volunteering at a shelter for at-risk youth, and now, Justine is a doctor and Jason is a social worker. It is certainly a perfect match that puts faith back into the concept of ‘soulmates’!

The love they have for one another is not only expressed with a look or a touch, they are able to put it so beautifully into words! Their Q&A and their thank you speech gave us the story we needed to build this highlight video from beginning to end. Jason also got a few mentions on the night about how his love for Justine is so eloquently professed in posts on Facebook. This guy is not afraid to share with family and friends just how much Justine means to him – now that’s a keeper!

It’s interesting how we met this couple actually! Justine’s sister’s fiancé (that’s a mouthful!) was the DJ at our wedding! DJ Sanga Genesis is brilliant in every way and we’ve recommended his services to anyone that will listen LOL! Why you ask? Before filming weddings, we didn’t realize how important DJs were. With a number of weddings under our belt, we can honestly say that DJs really dictate the flow of a wedding and certainly generates the overall vibe throughout the whole night. If they screw up in any way, guests tend to notice! That’s how you know their skills and passion for their craft can really contribute to the success of your evening! Sanga executed our night perfectly (not only with his talent, but his genuine interest in getting to know us) which is why we spread his love! Thankfully for us, he introduced us to this couple, so it’s another reason we will continue to sing his praises!

Lastly, we must note that the MCs, Justine’s brother and cousin, were brilliant! We didn’t get a chance to fit it into the wedding video, but they did a hilarious ‘thank you notes’ segment (for those that watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you’ll appreciate this) that brought the house down! Kudos to those two for keeping it entertaining all night! We had a few belly laughs behind the camera, that’s for sure!

Thank you Jason and Justine for letting us be a part of your special day and being your wedding videographers! The story that your mom Justine, told about her degree signed by Jason’s grandfather, blew our minds! It truly was meant to be with you two 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Ancaster Mill
Photographer: Rick Van der Valk and Amer Nabulsi
Hair: StayTrueBeauty
Makeup: StayTrueBeauty
Wedding dress: Kleinfeld Bridal
Florist: Edna Miller Flowers
Cake:Cake and Loaf Bakery
DJ:Jason Chambers
Highlight Video Music: Happiest Man Alive by Machel Montano

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