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Archeo Wedding | Toronto Wedding | Pinky + Octav

This is REAL LOVE.

And we’re not just saying that because we used the song, Real Love by Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit, for their highlight video. A minute in, and you already know that the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Over two days of wedding bliss, we saw plenty of reasons why Pinky and Octav share a ‘real love’. Here is just a tiny example: During a photoshoot, you gotta do a few posed shots. For video, we do our best to make these ‘poses’ look natural as that’s what looks best on film. Posing means that sometimes a bit of acting must be undertaken by our couples – trust us, it’s not easy being in front of a camera, and then on top of that, taking direction! We normally just tell our couples to have a moment with each other – where they talk, laugh, maybe even give each other a kiss – this helps us capture our couples as natural as possible during a very UNnatural situation. Afterwards, we yell, ‘we’re good!’ and what usually happens is, the couple stop and move swiftly onto the next pose/action. This was not the case with Pinky and Octav. We had to yell, ‘we’re good guys…Um, cut!…Ugh, sorry to do this, but can we interrupt?’ Their ‘natural’ moment together was ACTUALLY natural. They just got so wrapped up in their own little love bubble – basically enjoying each other’s company and getting lost in each other’s eyes LOL! We seriously felt bad having to move them to the next location!

Again, that’s just ONE example – there were SO many more moments that made for great wedding videography.

I first met Pinky at my friend’s baby shower. She came up to me and started chatting to me about the wedding videos she had seen posted on my friend’s page. She was warm, friendly, super bubbly – everything you get from watching the video! I was secretly hoping she’d contact me in the future about wedding plans, and luckily for us, she did! I should take a moment to thank my friend for basically making this happen! Thank you Esther!

When we found out that Pinky and Octav are doctors in the surgery division, we both said, ‘of course!’ They are just so cool and calm under pressure! Wedding days in general are not considered the most stress-free of events. People are pulling you in every direction while wedding plans that you’ve prepped for goodness knows how much time, are unfolding right in front of your eyes (either to or off plan!). You could easily run and cry in the corner, or maybe more realistically, smile painfully through the stress. It was the exact opposite for Pinky and Octav. They just did an excellent job of enjoying every moment and didn’t bat an eyelash if things didn’t go according to plan. There was always a solution! An example of this? After Pinky had gotten into her ridiculously gorgeous wedding dress, she popped the champagne and it sprayed everywhere! Luckily only a droplet landed on her dress, but she was totally fine about it! Many brides would have had a meltdown right there and then! Anyways, the point is, we totally see why they are in the careers that they are in! That stress-free energy always transfers to us and the guests!

This wedding video was all about the beautiful mesh of two cultures and two families. It really is the most amazing kind of union to witness. Like Pinky said, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to cuisines at the in-laws – goulash one night, and curry on the next! I don’t want to babble on, I just want to say lastly on that note, that Pinky’s parents and Octav’s mom were the sweetest! It was important that these relationships were highlighted in the video. They were true stars in the film, and we can’t thank them enough for being so kind to us on both days!

Sending the couple loads of love on their new journey together as husband and wife! We are so incredibly lucky that we got to witness your union and be a part of two magical days of love! Thank you!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue (day 1): Scarborough Convention Centre
Venue (day 2): Archeo
Decor (day 1): Scarborough Convention Centre
Florist and Decor (day 2): Cool Green & Shady (we were in LOVE with the flowers and decor btw – dripping flowers and bling from the ceiling? Yes Please!)
Photographer: Kuba Visuals
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Lesonne Bridal
Wedding dresses (day 1): Family heirloom and gifts
Wedding dress (day 2): Diva Boutique (Toronto)
DJ: DJ Dave Campbell
Highlight Video Music: Light by Sleeping At Last /Real Love by Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit

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