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Are you an OVERwhelmed bride-to-be? Here’s a starting point!

With Thanksgiving weekend basically upon us, people are busy preparing turkeys and stuffing, planning a dinner party, or going away on vacation! Brides-to-be however are probably thinking, ‘let’s use this long weekend to start clamping down on some wedding planning and finally checking some things off of the list!’ Or maybe, that’s just me…

It’s overwhelming isn’t it??? Picking a vendor for each facet of your wedding is seriously the hardest part of the process! I’m a wedding vendor, with inside access to loads of weddings, and I’m still baffled at times! It really does come down to referrals as there are tonnes of talented vendors out there in every single wedding category. It’s about zoning in on someone you can trust (and fits within your budget!) – which usually means asking a friend or family member about their own weddings and choices!  It CAN be easy for wedding videography though, you just have to choose us LOL! 🙂

As I mentioned, I’ve been lucky enough to get an inside look into the weddings that I film and literally bank ideas for my own haha! So seriously, when my wedding video comes out, our followers might possibly get some deja vu moments!

So, to the point of this article – some of our readers have been asking about additional details on the weddings that we have posted, so I thought I would get some more vendor info from the brides we’ve worked with and update our previous posts. So if you’re a bride-to-be, or helping out a bride-to-be, keep checking back on our previous posts for new vendor details! The info from the brides are slowly trickling in and honestly, it will give overwhelmed brides (including me!) a starting point! The ‘where to start?’ is a question we all face! You just need help starting somewhere and then it’s shopping around and comparing from there!

Comments/questions, just give me a shout!

Until the next post,
Joanie x