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Backyard Jewish Wedding | Toronto | Dylan + Victoria

Covid has really multiplied the amount of backyard weddings we got to film this year and we aren’t complaining! When you have real estate like this though, it’s a no-brainer for such a party. Not only is it a magnificent space to work with, there is so much meaning and history behind the house for Dylan and Victoria. Perfect combo! We filmed another Jewish couple a few years back who held their ceremony at their family cottage, which also gave us that no-brainer feeling – Tom + Joelle.

These two beautiful people met as many people do, online. And just as many people worry, Dylan worried he was going to get 🐱🐟-ed! Luckily for him, his beauty was honest and true, and the rest is history!

The party was 🔥🔥🔥 by the way, and some of the craziness really reminded us of one of our most epic weddings – Tiffany + Victor. We also have to mention Michelle + Michael’s wedding in Mexico as that was the only other wedding we filmed where some action took place in the pool. When the groom jumps into the pool, you know it’s definitely going to be a good night! Dylan and Victoria’s cake fight was also super memorable, and honestly, we don’t think we can compare it to any other cake cutting we’ve seen lol! Just shows this couple’s playfulness and ability to have fun with each other! Good times all around.

We got to work with Eric Cheng Photography again and it was a blast as per usual. Not only is he so easy to get along with, he is super talented – we love his work! Looking forward to the next time we get to film alongside him!

As we say all the time, we will stop here and let the video do the talking. We wish Dylan and Victoria nothing but the best in their next chapter together! Thank you once again for letting us tell your story!

Until the next post,
Henjo x

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