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backyard wedding in Mount Albert

Man, we have seen some wild parties in our days as wedding cinematographers, but none have turned so incredibly wild so fast! I mean, usually there’s a gradual build up to the party as the drinks start to flow and guests start to slowly lose their inhibitions. Let’s just say, everyone at Katelyn and Devin’s wedding were ready to dance like no one was watching before the DJ even played the first tune! By 9:30pm, we were filming all the guys of the wedding party with their shirts off, drinks being downed and sprayed everywhere, people rolling around on the dance floor (literally!), the groom giving an impromptu break dance performance, and basically everyone just having a hell of a good time! We couldn’t help but want to join in on the fun too. Some were actually trying to get us on the dance floor, but alas, we had to work! We say ‘work’, but we were honestly cracking up behind the cameras watching all the shenanigans going on in front of us. We knew instantly that night, that we had to make a special intro to this video – and I’m so glad it worked out like it did! The last time we felt such a party atmosphere was when we filmed Tiffany + Victor’s big day!

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten the party talk out of the way, we must talk about the lovely bride and groom. As Katelyn mentions a couple of times in her Q&A, her and Devin are complete opposites! As you can see from the video, Devin certainly doesn’t shy away from the camera and is a very boisterous character! Katelyn is a little more quiet and reserved, although that didn’t stop her from having a blast on the dance floor too! Somehow, these two very different individuals just make the perfect pair! They compliment each other in so many ways and balance each other out, which is so great to see. You can tell that they bring out the best in each other, which encourages them to step out of their comfort zone from time to time. I can relate, as Henry and I are quite different from one another, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. The best thing is that it keeps it interesting!

The wedding was held at Katelyn’s grandparents’ backyard. But we’re not just talking about the typical backyard here, their property sits on a gorgeous stretch of land that had its own pond and could hold a massive tent for a wedding like this! Check out the drone footage in the video to see how beautiful it is from the sky! We love when weddings are held at such personal venues like this, as we know how much it means to the couple and the hosts. As Katelyn said, no one will have the same wedding as them. It was truly unique.

Speaking of beauty, the tent was done up to the nines by OMG Events! The hubby and wife duo are the reason we met the couple in the first place, so a huge thank you Alex and Mark! We love it when we get to work with you guys as we know we’re in for a beautiful space to film. Check out another wedding we done with them (Tushar + Nadia). We also got to work with the talented Jessica Lisi from Jessica Lisi Events. She executed the day perfectly and made sure everything went to schedule – including the dance party which happened right on time! And as for that party, it wouldn’t have been so hype without the DJing talents of Illegal Sound Entertainment. They knew how to get the party started and continued it through the wee hours of the night. No one was left off the dance floor! This same team of vendors also worked together on a very special wedding celebration (Rodney + Heidi), an event we won’t forget and are thankful we were a part of. Lots of talent, lots of love!

Thank you Katelyn and Devin for allowing us to share in your special day! The day was filled with fun and we literally could not believe that we were at ‘work’! From filming you guys having a laugh at the playground (Spiderman kiss was epic!), to the unexpected motorcycle gang crashing the party, to the crazy events at night (did you see the guy literally steaming at the end of the video??), we couldn’t have asked for a more lively day! Wishing you both all the best with this next amazing chapter of life 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie and Henry x


Highlight Video Music: Animals by Martin Garrix / Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars / Dreamer by Axwell Ingrosso ft. Trevor Guthrie
Hair: Tania Beattie
Makeup: Tania Beattie
Photographer: Vervaine Studios
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Lisi Events
Wedding dress: David’s Bridal
Groom suit: Moore’s
Florist: OMG Events
Decor: OMG Events
Cake: Cakeity Cakes
DJ: Illegal Sound Entertainment

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