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Behind the scenes…in Osterley Park, London, UK

So we’re back in Canada, as those of you following us on Facebook or Twitter know…hint hint :)!

Here’s a little taste of what we were up to over in good ol’ London, England – our second home!   We were both enjoying one of Henry’s best friend’s weddings, and of course, filming it!  Here you can see Henry about to announce the couple as husband and wife. The officiant had just asked him last minute to do this – it caught him off guard at first, but ultimately he felt honoured to be given that responsibility!  I can testify that he did a pretty good job 🙂  As you can see I’m lurking there in the shadows filming it all!  It was actually super tough for Henry as he wanted to play his role as best man, and also wanted to film at the same time.  I took over most of the filming that day, but the funniest thing was watching Henry alternate between holding the camera and his best man duties at the ceremony (like handing the groom and bride their rings!). It was certainly a site to see, but we knew that the video would be worth it!

During the day, I was also able to get some snaps of the happy couple in the gorgeous park where they had their wedding, and I will be posting them on the blog later down the line – so keep an eye out!  Our bread and butter though, the video, will be coming soon…stay tuned!

Fancy a wedding in West London? Check out Osterley Park! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

This behind the scenes photo is courtesy of Alex Lyden (Thanks Alex!)

Until the next post,
Joanie x