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Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue | Woodbridge Wedding | Mustafa + Alina

Where do I start when summarizing this epic 3-day wedding? I’m going to jump into the core of what really helped tell this love story – Joanie’s Q&A session with Alina! Now Mustafa, your Q&A session with myself was great! You were a natural and we got some great audio to pull from it. But Alina really blew us both away with how well she was able to express her feelings and in such a geniune and raw way. It was something really special! Thank you both for making the time to let us pry inside your brains, and for being awesome too. As you can see, I’m not nearly as eloquent as them when it comes to speaking/writing.

The wedding reception was held at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue in Woodbridge. The way this space was transformed with the decor was really unique to say the least! While talking about the venue, we have to mention Alina’s entrance! Every time Joanie and I meet a couple we always hope to hear the words, “There will be a cannon shooting rose petals at me during my entrance”. When we met with Mustafa and Alina, our prayers were finally answered and for the rest of the consultation I was just dreaming of rose petals slowing falling during Alina’s entrance. It was pretty cool that it turned out just like we had imagined. This is with a lot of thanks to the couple’s wedding coordinator!

We don’t usually write too much about the planning side of things when it comes to our blog posts, but we must mention Aussie Marie from An Elegant Soiree. Her success must come down to her passion and how much she cares about the success of her couple’s events. It shows in how hard she works on the day – literally running around and not stopping! She was always there when we had a question and she was always making sure things went down the way they were supposed to.

We also have to mention the photographer – Qurrat from Qurrat A’yun Studios. She’s the type of photographer you don’t even notice is there. She captures the magic without standing out, and that is a great quality when it comes to shooting weddings. Her 2nd photographer Shoaib was also extremely helpful and I really have to mention him, because he went out of his way to make sure we knew what was coming next. He was on the ball at all moments, always anticipating what was coming next.

Lastly, we must mention the second song we used, Oblivion by M83. Back in 2013, I watched the movie, ‘Oblivion’ starring the main man himself, Mr. Tom Cruise. The movie was decent in case you are wondering, but the soundtrack by M83 was a little more decent. I downloaded the soundtrack thinking the main song might come in handy for a fun video down the line. The fact that we were able to incorporate this kind of song into a wedding video definitely helped with the epic images we had in front of us. The last time we had this feeling after editing a South Asian wedding was back in 2014 – Taran + Manpreet (one of the Mustafa and Alina’s favourites).

Mustafa and Alina, thanks for trusting us to tell your story, and thanks for providing such an awesome story to work with! All the best to you and your families!

Nuthin but luv,
Henjo x


Highlight Video Music: When we were young and Jashn E Bahaara mashup cover by Vidya Vox / Oblivion by M83
Hair: Manjeet from Creative Beauty Salon and Spa
Makeup: Irina Badescu
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Aussie from An Elegant Soiree
Photographers: Qurrat Ayun Studios
Wedding Outfit Day 1: Alinas Mom
Wedding Outfit Day 3: Shakeelz
Groom Outfit Day 1: Amir Adnan
Groom Outfit Day 2: Naushaymian
Groom Outfit Day 3: Naushaymian

Decor (Mehndi): Rimsha from RB planners

Decor (Reception): Supriya Mehra from Design Mantraa
Published on HenjoFilms: Wedding Cinematography Toronto / Toronto Wedding Videographer
Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue wedding video