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Countdown to Wedding Madness: Henjo tips for everything wedding!

henjofilms wedding proposal

Make sure to follow us @henjofilms on Twitter in the month of May as we countdown not only to another season of weddings, but a Henjo wedding as well (June 1st to be exact)! One month. Four weeks. I stress at the thought…

As I discover unique ideas, finalize vendors, find special deals, and of course make some mistakes along the way, I want to share them with anyone who will listen! Basically, follow me on my journey as I buckle up and see where this month takes me before the big ol’ wedding. Come along for the ride and you may just find some shortcuts and avoid some speedbumps on the way to your own special day! I’ll be using the hashtag #henjoweddingtips so look out for that! I’m also interested in hearing your ideas too, so share, share, share!

We also have two weddings coming up in May that we’re super excited to film. We are going to be shooting in some absolutely amazing and unique venues that we can’t wait to share with you!

All we can say is…”it’s a bird, it’s a….”

It’s been too long people, get your tissues out and get ready for wedding season…I know I’m going to need a box or two for my wedding…Henry better have some big pockets 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x