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Deer Creek Banquet Facility | Ajax | Audra + Dwayne

When Dwayne leaned back, paused, and took off his glasses just before the first kiss, we knew this couple had that playful nature in them needed to get through all the peaks and valleys of marriage. We can picture these two in their 90s just as in love and playful with each other as they were on their wedding day. Their cute little looks towards each other throughout the day spoke volumes, and it was just so nice to see what I call ‘tangible love’!

PHOTOSHOOT: The two of them were also amazing during the photoshoot – up for anything we threw at them as wedding videographers! That is how we got that incredible shot of Audra with her veil out of the rooftop window of their Jag. She was such a trooper because her veil was incredibly long and it picked up some of nature’s velcro balls along the way! We picked out most of them and she was the total opposite of concerned – she just went with it all! Also, the shot with Dwayne lifting the rock and Audra not being impressed in the background, could not have worked without the acting skills of these two! Did they sell it or what? Haha – it was one of our favourite shots ever at a wedding, so kudos to them!

MUSIC: When we heard The One He Kept for Me by Maurette Brown-Clark sung so incredibly beautifully during the church ceremony, we knew right then and there, that this was the song we were going to use for the wedding video. I never heard this song before, but when I did, I fell in love! It doesn’t hurt when the person singing the song, Londa Larmond, had one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard! It was one of those songs and performances that touched everyone in the room, and it just suited Audra and Dwayne so much. The slower tempo of this music just fit the wedding videography footage.

DECOR: I absolutely LOVED the decor used in both the church and in the reception space! It was all put together by Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design. The warm glow from all the candles at the church really created the intimate atmosphere that everyone wants for a wedding ceremony. There were also these beautiful branches encased in glass boxes along the aisle that matched the branches used for the backdrop. The branches really added to the warmth of the room, just as the beautiful flowers did. Nature tends to do this, so be creative and use it any chance you get when having an indoor ceremony or reception. The same theme and colour of flowers used at the church were used for the reception space. The colours were perfectly matched with the dark wood of the dance floor and the shade of green in the bridesmaid dresses. Everything just came together seamlessly in the room and fit!

VENUE: As I mentioned above, the decor fit perfectly with the beautiful reception space at Deer Creek Banquet Facility in Ajax. The hall had high ceilings, a spacious dance floor, and LOADS of natural light which is great for wedding cinematography. Not only is it a beautiful hall on the inside, the building was warm and inviting on the outside (as we know, not all banquet facilities have that going for them!). Because the hall is also set on a golf course, you get a gorgeous backdrop with no effort! The area for cocktails is also great because of the windows…you know how much I love windows 🙂 If you’re looking for a venue in the Ajax area – definitely check them out!

STEEL DRUMS:  Another highlight of the wedding day was the steel drums player, Winston ‘Pappy’ Frederick, playing during the cocktail hour. He provided such a fun and relaxing vibe that got everyone in the mood to mingle and have cocktails of course! I felt like I was transported to some beautiful island in the Caribbean!

KISSING GAME: If all their family and friends didn’t know it already, the kissing game really showed everyone how Audra and Dwayne are always thinking about others. We’ve seen plenty of kissing games over the years, but this one was super unique and also incredibly giving! On top of seeing Audra and Dwayne kiss, guests were given the opportunity to use the gong IF they provided a donation of any amount to the Canadian Cancer Society(you can also help by clicking on the link and following the steps to donate)! The lure of the kiss and the gong was enough for many to participate and a great charity benefited at the same time – what a great idea! You too might have a charity very close to your heart, and this may be a great way to pick up some donations while having some fun at the wedding!

GUESTS: We have to mention the guests at this wedding – some of the most friendliest people we’ve met on the job! It was incredibly easy for us on the day because everywhere we pointed the camera, people were laughing and smiling and just having a great time! The amount of people too that came up to us at the end of the night and said what a great job we did, was incredible – they hadn’t even seen the wedding video yet LOL! We can’t say enough of Audra and Dwayne’s family and friends – what a great bunch of people!

Thank you to the beautiful newlyweds for such an amazing night – you both look INCREDIBLE on film!  We couldn’t have been happier to be chosen as the ones to film your special day 🙂

Until the next post,

Joanie x


Wedding Coordinator: Jim Chen (A man of many talents – he was also the Pastor!)
Wedding Dress: Moda Monti
Make up: Truth Miller (
Hair: Done by the bride herself!
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Impressions Bridesmaids
Jewellery: Bittersweet
Groom’s suit: Moores
DJ: DJ Badlad
Cake: Kake Kreations
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wedding held at Deer Creek Banquet Facility in Ajax