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Eagle’s Nest Golf Club | Wedding Video | Rachel + Andrew

There is something just so sweet and endearing about this couple. When we first met them, their kind and gentle nature just made us instantly go, ‘Aw, they are so darn cute!’ You can just tell that they are totally in love!

As the use of English and Cantonese was being interchanged throughout the whole day and night, we thought we would keep it just as authentic in the wedding video and not use subtitles. For those of you who don’t speak Cantonese, I’m sure you can get the gist of what’s happening, as we were given an outpouring of different emotion from the couple and their family/friends. Their expressions of love, laughter, and tears truly crossed all language barriers!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding in the Grand Hall at the lovely Eagle’s Nest Golf Club. With a capacity for 250 guests, this room has two walls completely lined with large windows overlooking the stunning grounds below! They had their wedding outside in a lovely little area where a beautiful staircase can be used for the bride’s grand entrance. If you’re up for going down stairs in your wedding gown, this entrance can certainly offer you and your guests a unique view, as all your guests’ eyes are able to focus on you alone. Gives you more time to take it all in too!

BADMINTON: It was (as we tag-lined!) game, set, and love-match for Rachel and Andrew when they first met through their mutual love of badminton. Trust me, they are all-stars at the sport and had their whole badminton crew at the wedding to prove it! We knew we had to incorporate something that was so important to the both of them into the video, so it worked out perfectly that we decided to use it as a little title/intro to the whole highlight video. The best man’s speech was hilarious as well, and it just so happened that some of it was about badminton, so what a great start and set-up for the rest of the wedding video!

DANCES: As you can tell from their highlights, the couple has a love for dance. They actually go for lessons once a week as a hobby and you can certainly tell as they gracefully danced across the dancefloor (twice!) to the delight of their guests and wedding videographers :). On top of the two dance performances from the bride and groom, they also surprised guests with a flash-mob dance to Everything is Awesome (from the Lego movie) by Tegan and Sara. People from the crowd just started filing onto the dance floor, dancing in unison with the whole bridal party, wedding cinematography gold! With their personalities and go-lucky attitude, Rachel and Andrew’s soundtrack to life should definitely be this song!

MUSIC: The favour for their guests was a CD compilation of all the important music the couple used throughout the day and night at the wedding. There were so many amazing songs to choose from, but we knew there was one we had to use for the highlight video, La Califfa by Ennio Morricone (the song used for the bride’s ceremony entrance). LOVE this song – super emotional and absolutely breathtaking – just the type of song we needed to show of their emotional first look! The rest of the day produced a range of emotions, but the overall feeling was sweet and fun, so we chose I Choose You by Sara Bareilles. Such a lovely tune and an amazing voice!

Thanks once again to Rachel and Andrew for choosing us to be their wedding videographers! We are so glad that the guests at your second reception in HK enjoyed watching the video as well – we seriously wish we could’ve been there to witness the reactions….and have the food too LOL! We love HK!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding Dress: Kenneth Winston
Chinese Dress: Rental from Phoebe’s Collection (located at First Markham Place)
Evening Gown: Sweetheart (located at Pacific Mall)
Make up: Satine Makeup & Hair Styling Studio
Hair/Head Pieces: Satine Makeup & Hair Styling Studio (All head pieces were provided by Satine – the veil however, was made by the bride)
Jewellery: Satine Studio Jewellery (except the Dragon/Phoenix gold bracelets)
Shoes: Nine West
Bridesmaids’ dresses: custom made
Groom Suit: custom made
Groomsmens’ suits: custom made
Cake/Cupcakes: Yummy Sweets (Note from the bride: I requested to have Green Tea as one of the flavours of my cup cakes! They are super nice to work with in terms of picking inspiration/design/colours/flavours)
Florist: Secrets Floral Collection (Note from the bride: They are super nice to work with too, Zoe has very good knowledge of flowers. She was willing to spend time to work with my inspiration while matching my budget)
Ceremony & Head Table Decoration: Secrets Floral Collection
Centerpieces: Secrets Floral Collection
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wedding held at Eagle's Nest Golf Club