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Embassy Grand Convention Centre | Brampton | Kathy + Patrick

Embassy Grand Convention Centre Wedding Videography Mississauga Brampton

When you’ve been dreaming about this day your whole life, you gotta go BIG! We’re not talking about the bride here though, apparently it’s Patrick that’s been dreaming about getting married for ages! And just like this, the couple made sure that there were non-traditional elements that popped up throughout the day to make their wedding extra unique and special. I mean, this wedding had hoverboards, scooters, leopard underwear, a shrimp and cheese bar (OMG!), magic…shall I go on?

Song choice, as you know, is super important in making the wedding video as great as it can be. Did you see Norris + Glenna’s video? The songs chosen made that wedding film what it was! So how did we choose in this case? Well, as soon as I sat down to edit, I remembered the events that took place that night, and the first tune that popped up in my head was Bump n’ Grind by R. Kelly. I’m 100% serious!! I knew that it was going to be used somewhere in the video, so why not the very beginning…and the end! It was a bump and grind sandwich! When you have a groom and his groomsmen rocking leopard undies and socks, and flaunting their gear all day, it’s a match made in heaven! I agree with the groom, if you got it, flaunt it LOL! The second song we used, Make Me Whole by Amel Larrieux, was the tune that the couple used for their first dance. It was a beautiful melody that we knew had meaning for the couple and happened to also be the perfect backdrop for lots of audio.  This wedding was filled with loads of speeches to use, so we knew that it was important to find a song that fit that structure. Besides all the emotional sides of their story, we knew a lot of epic things happened that day and night as well. And as such, you need an epic song. Outro by M83 is one of Henry’s favourites that we kept in the folder for a long time, just waiting for the right wedding to come along…and so it did!

We must add that this wedding party was a wild bunch and that’s why we had so much fun at the photoshoot! It reminded us of our time with Derrick + Karain’s bridal party – another big hoot! The photoshoot’s not normally an important part of the day for us as we try to avoid forced action, but when the action happens to create laughs and jokes, we are all on board! The drone got its full use that day too capturing some overhead shots for a unique perspective. Speaking of the drone, we love that shot we got going around the cross at the top of the church. The film’s narrative at that point in time paired with that imagery was powerful to say the least.

We worked alongside our friend Lucy Chang of Lucy Chang Photography and we had a great laugh as per usual. We worked with her at Jeremy and Valeria’s wedding and all I could remember was us girls, both pregnant at the time, lying on the floor and doing anything we needed to get our shot. We definitely bonded that day LOL!

Although I want to take credit for all the magical things that happen in our videos (you know, the deeper meanings that people seem to find when they really disect every second of each of our films), I have to admit that sometimes, lucky things just happen to fall into our lap in the editing room! For some reason, I’ve been fortunate that certain clips land in the right places for example! As I was editing this one, the clip where Patrick is dancing with his mother, the lyrics mention ‘mother’! I didn’t plan that and only realized as I was playing it back, that it went hand in hand! Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up! And in terms of wedding cinematography, as Henry was going around the dance floor with his gimbal, Patrick happened to pick up his new brother-in-law Justin and cradle him like a baby – totally not something that we dreamed up and asked them to do. It just so happens that earlier that night, Justin wished the couple a future with lots of kids and possibly naming one of them ‘Justin’! Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better combo of speech and footage! I hit the jackpot there and was high-fiving myself when piecing it together in the editing room.

It was truly a day to remember and we can’t thank the lovely couple enough for letting us be their wedding videographers for their special day! They are too sweet for words and we just had such a right laugh with them every time we were together. #KathrickWeds and #KathrickRocks!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Embassy Grand Convention Centre: Banquet Hall Brampton
Photographer: Lucy Chang Photography
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Janna Mae Weddings
Hair: Uno Jo Bridal Hair
Makeup: Windy Chiu
Groom suit: Vera Wang (rented from Moores)
Wedding dress: Robert Bullock (Sash & Bustle)
Florist: Queens Flowers Events
Decor: The Wedding Decorators
Cake: La Casa Dolce
Magician: Chance Magic
Dance Group: Culture Philippines of Ontario

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