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I know the phrase, ‘Enjoy every moment’ is thrown around a lot, but seriously, they’re words that I try my best to live by. Having a baby has only increased this need to let the past be the past and worry less about the future – it’s about focusing on the now. Our little Lea is 5 months old today and time has just flown by (as every parent tells you!). We just want the clock to stop sometimes…or have a slow-mo button at least! Although it can be difficult to wade through all the stresses of life, we hope this video is a little reminder for all of you to enjoy and fully experience every second – don’t let it pass you by!

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One more thing! A popular filmmaking blog (cinema5D) reached out to me after seeing my video and asked me to do a guest blog post with some tips about how to use the Sony RX100IV. Here’s a snippet from the blog post I wrote for them:

Here are 5 tips for Stunning Slow Motion on the Sony RX100 IV

1. 480fps max

Avoid shooting above 480fps: The loss in quality from 480fps to 960fps is not worth those extra frames. 250fps with a sensor readout of 1,824 x 1,026 effective pixels is ideal for quality shots.

2. Use ‘End Trigger’

This camera allows you to shoot the previous 2 seconds of action upon pressing the record button. This can be found within the menu options. This way, I can wait for the action to happen first and then hit record. Note it takes the camera 20 seconds to save the video file to the card when using high frame rates.

3. Use natural light (lots of it!)

Natural light will help avoid flicker that is often associated with high frame rates and different light sources. You also need a lot of light when shooting at these high frame rates. Remember when shooting at 480fps, you need your shutter speed to be 1/1000th (180 degree shutter) which takes away a lot of light.

4. Slog-2 can enhance your image

The Sony RX100 IV might look like a hobby camera and has limitations especially when it comes to shooting slow motion, but it also comes with the famous Slog-2 Gamma Mode that can enhance your image. When Picture Profile 7 (PP7) is enabled your image becomes much flatter thus increasing dynamic range, providing a better highlight rolloff and making it easier to apply Slog-2 LUTs in your editing system for great colors.

5. Use water or particles to make your shots more stunning

If you’re looking to shoot with water, dust or even produce underwater shots without the big price tag, use theAquapac small camera case 418 (like I did). It’s $20! It will give your shots another edge.

Video shot on: Sony RX100 IV, GoPro Hero 4 Black, DJI Phantom 3

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