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Fernwood Hills Wedding | London | Tilo + Rucha

I have to start by mentioning the beautiful wedding Ceremony and the stunning location it was held at. It was our first time shooting a wedding at Fernwood Hills and we were really impressed with the place – perfect for any nature lover. My new drone, the Mavic 2 Pro, just arrived a few days earlier and I was so excited to show off the beauty of this space from the sky. Everything just looked great no matter where we pointed our cameras. We’ve never seen so many light rays shooting through the trees before and it really caught our attention as videographers. With a stunning ceremony amongst such a beautiful setting, we were celebrating inside as we knew we had the recipe for some amazing footage! Another similar ceremony space that took our breath away this year can be found here: Tristan + Kaylie.

Tilo and Rucha and both of their families were super fun to spend the day with. Everyone was so accommodating and helpful and there was just a great vibe in the air. Smiling faces and good times everywhere we looked! A perfect example of how joyous they all were was during the dance routines/flash mob at the reception. After all the fun we witnessed, we think a flash mob should be mandatory at every wedding! If Joanie and I could go back, we would grab some of our friends and practice a few dance routines just to see the surprise on all of our guests faces! Tilo and Rucha’s family and friends absolutely nailed their moves and kept surprise after surprise coming. First the bride got involved, then the groom, then the parents! It was really one of the highlights of the whole day and we literally had perma-smiles behind the cameras!

The wedding reception was held at the Greek Canadian Community Of London & Vicinity. Lavish Events by Design did a great job of transforming the interior into something truly magical. The light set-up by DJ Karin also helped to add that extra bit of something to a lot of our shots. Over the years we have learned that a talented decorator can truly transform any space into your vision. There are some venues we have filmed on multiple occasions, but may look different each time. When we filmed at Pearson Convention Center earlier this year, we were expecting a typical banquet hall type of wedding, but when we stepped inside we felt as if we were transported to a luxurious destination somewhere other than Brampton. Check it out for yourself here: Demelza + Shaan.

This epic wedding for two amazing people, honestly just can’t be summarized in words. You have to watch the video to appreciate such a story! We will let the film do the talking. Tilo and Rucha, thank you so much for your kind words after viewing your highlight video! It was truly our pleasure to document your day and we wish you nothing but the best for this next chapter in life!

Love, Henry and Joanie

Fernwood hills hindu wedding ceremony