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Happy Halloween!


There’s a new MC in town, and her name is L.E.A.

We had a lot of fun this year putting Lea’s outfit together, and we didn’t even need to spend any money! Well, just $3 for that amazing clock swinging around Lea’s neck – I love Dollarama! Luckily for us, everything else was found in our wardrobes! We took the easy route with our own costumes, by dressing up as her ‘bodyguards’ and just had to wear black and sunglasses…and Voila – Celebrity MC, followed closely by her very tough and beefed-up security guards. We will be on watch when we go trick or treating tonight…all eyes on her as she’s jumping from house to house in the dark!

Have a very spoooooky and fun Halloween everyone!

Until the next post,
Henjo x

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