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Happy Retirement Dad!

You may recognize him as the goofy and funny Chinese guy from some of HenjoFilms’ favourite and funniest videos, Nuthin’ but a Cottage and a Family and 3 China Minutes (check out our Just For Funpage for these vids!), but to us, he’s just dad!

Today is his very last day at work…an era, a very LONG era, has come to an end. He has been working since he was 11 years old, so that’s nearly 60 years of the grind! We think our dad deserves a break. When he ‘retired’ a few years ago, we made him a Happy Retirement video (knowing my dad, I’m not surprised that he still chose to work 4 days a week!). Now that it’s all official and he’s job-free, we thought it would be fitting to post this video.

The video gives a little back story about him and then is filled with loving (and funny) messages from all of his family and friends from all over the world! It’s a long one, but you should watch the end – HILARIOUS bloopers are included! I still die laughing when I watch Henry and my brother-in-law Roger’s bloopers…seriously LOL moments!

Happy Retirement dad – we all love you! Enjoy the golden years with mum 🙂

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Joanie x

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