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Hazelton Manor Wedding | Vaughan | Annie + Victor

We first met Annie through our cousin Wilkin because they work together in the same dental office that Henry visited a couple years back. She is the absolute sweetest, and her smile lights up a room like no other! Have you seen a better set of teeth? Looks like she landed herself the right gig!

If ‘Wilkin’ sounds familiar, you may have watched his wedding video that we filmed a few years back with his lovely wife Antonella…it still gets me every time. Just a warning, you need tissues upon viewing.

Annie and Victor’s wedding was also one big emotional rollercoaster! There’s probably no other way to describe it other than a facial toning exercise. The speeches were on point! Guests were moved to tears, and then tickled with laughter. From laughing to crying then crying to laughing…I must’ve lost a couple pounds off my face that night LOL!

Victor, was the true definition of genuine – one of the qualities that Annie (and we’re sure everyone else) loves about him. Everything you heard him say that night was straight from the heart and we could tell he meant every word. What he said made us feel as if we’ve known him for years, even though we just met him that day! We were thoroughly entertained from beginning to end and was sad when his speech was over. There were so many bits that we wanted to use but just couldn’t fit into the video! The speech genes must run in his family because his brother did a wicked job as well. The bit where he said, ‘you can look at me, you can feel something’…gold!

Another wedding video we produced with memorable speeches was Laurie-Anne and Craig’s. Just like Victor and Annie’s, we felt really excited about all the editing possibilities with all that audio after the night was over. Audio (even just a tiny snippet) can really just give a film the boost it needs to make it truly unique and personalized to each couple.

Before I end this post, I want to say that Annie did a fab job with the decor! I was taken aback by how lovely the ceremony space was with all those stunning vases overflowing with beautiful cream florals. They all stood atop these mirrored pedestals that lined the aisle. It certainly gave guests that super elegant wow factor when they walked into the room! I’m a huge fan of bright white spaces so it definitely appealed to my tastes! Another wedding video that we produced where decor was a highlight was Audra and Dwayne’s. The sought-after wedding decor designer, Rachel Clingen did their wedding, and we understand why she’s so popular!

We couldn’t be happier that Victor and Annie chose us to be their wedding videographers. They are such an open, honest, and fun couple that people love to be around – us included – and we had such an amazing time working with them…to be honest though, it didn’t feel like work at all! Sending them both best wishes for married life together…even if it means Victor has to close all the cupboard doors after Annie and be on fire hazard patrol because she likes to put flammable items next to open flames…you needed to hear Victor’s full speech to probably get that! I told you we couldn’t get everything in!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Hazelton Manor Banquet and Conference Centre
Photographers: Up in the Clouds (lovely hubby and wife team!)
Wedding Video Music: Army by Ellie Goulding and Be Right There by Diplo and Sleepy Tom

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