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HENJO IS MARRIED! Our love story – see how it all began…

All the stress and planning is worth it ladies! Our wedding day was the best day of our lives (even if everything didn’t go to plan!) and we made sure we had fun, fun, fun! All the planning wouldn’t have been worth it if I was stressed out on the day! I did have a frazzled moment when it came to the weather (because our ceremony was scheduled outdoors), but I had to come to the realization that regardless, I’m going to enjoy myself or all the work was for nothing…and boy did I!! I will be writing more about my wedding in the weeks leading up to the release of our wedding video. Unfortunately we won’t be editing that until later down the line, but we’ll keep you all informed with updates!

Now to the video…we created this video secretly in the months leading up to our wedding and surprised all of our family and friends with it at our reception. It was the greatest feeling seeing the reactions and surprised looks of every one of our guests, as we were so completely involved with the project that we couldn’t ever see the video with fresh eyes! We wanted to pay homage to a couple of our favourite tv shows, we’re sure if you’re fans as well, you’ll spot it (or hear it) in the video!

When filming, we had to frame the shots first and make use of the tripod a lot. We got a friend involved for some slider shots where both Henry and I were in the scene, but they had NO IDEA what we were doing and the context of what the scene was in relation to the whole video. We also filmed each other a lot and got different angles to make it look like we were in the same room or we were having interactions in some way. There was a lot of pretending and imagining the other person was there – let’s just say our non-existing acting skills definitely had to come out in full force here…we tried our best! A few people have been asking us about the last scene as well – we just had to walk into the scene backwards and start erasing the board. Then we just time reversed that clip for the video!

Henry and I had a lot of creative discussions (to say it lightly!) during the filming of this video, but we also had a lot of laughs…I couldn’t hold it together when filming the bathroom scene with Henry and his wig. I had to hit record, do my panning shot, and run out of the room because I would burst out in fits of giggles!

We had the most amazing time filming this because we both knew what the end result would be – a video that we could look back on for years to come and share with our kids and grandkids!

I want to point out that I cringe every time I watch the slow mo scene of me in the striped dress…yes, cringe!! But I realized, you gotta do some embarrassing things for the sake of art LOL!

Hope you all enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Until the next post,
Joanie x

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