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London, UK | Wedding | Photography | Jonny + Shahmeem

We are now working feverishly on Jonny and Shahmeem’s video and will be debuting it very soon – just wanted to post some photos as a bit of a teaser/precursor to the video!

It was a bit of a balancing act during this wedding – I had to be a combination of videographer/photographer/guest – but after looking through all the footage and having the time of my life at this event, I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I’m so happy how everything turned out, and I have to send a huge THANK YOU to Jonny and Shahmeem for being such amazing friends and lovely hosts during what was a hectic 2 days! They were so calm and cool – no stress whatsoever…or from what I could see anyways! Love these two…their spirits just shine through in photos and through the lens 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x

Jonny and Shahmeem Photoshoot (