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JW Marriot The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa Wedding | Jordy + Reid

Although it’s always a trek for us to get to Muskoka for a wedding, it is always well worth it! There is beauty everywhere you look. And for this fall wedding, there was no shortage of beauty or vibrant colours to keep our cameras happy! The wedding was held at JW Marriot The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa which added to the wow factor for everyone involved. Just check out the drone shots in this video – you will want to visit this place for yourself!

Highlights from the big day? So many to choose from, but we have to mention first, that father-daughter first look! Honestly gives us a goosebumps every time we watch it. You could truly feel the love between Jordy and her dad. If you have the time in the morning of your wedding day, we do recommend putting a few minutes aside to do a first look with one or both of your parents. It only adds another super special moment to your big day! We’ve filmed some amazing parent first looks over the years, and one that stands out is during Erica + Nick’s wedding.

Another highlight of Jordy and Reid’s big day was the hora! It’s impossible to not feel joy and happiness when watching people dance around and hoisted on chairs with perma-smiles on their faces! The couple and their guests looked like they were having the time of their lives! This reminded us of the hora on Ronnie + Robbie’s big day too!

Although there are many other things to touch upon, we can’t forget to mention Reid’s hair and fireworks! WOW is all we can say about both those things 🙂 For more highlights – watch the video! It’ll give you a taste of an absolutely fantastic day!

Jordy and Reid are the sweetest couple. The big takeaway about them and their love story, is that they make each other laugh ALL THE TIME! Who doesn’t want to have a partner that can make them belly laugh at any given moment? One of the keys to a long-lasting relationship we think!

Wishing this beautiful couple more laughs in this next chapter in life!

Until the next post,
Henjo x

JW Marriot The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa Wedding