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King Valley Golf Club Wedding | King City | Clara + Tom

This is ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’…the title to one of my favourite RomComs of all time! But in reality, I am not Julia Roberts (sadly), and I don’t want to break up the marriage between Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz. Actually, my best friend is a girl named Clara, and this past August she got married to a wonderful English bloke named Tom. It was a beautiful Canadian and British affair set in lovely King City. I faced the same challenge that Henry had to when he performed dual duties as best man and videographer at Jonny + Shahmeem’s wedding in the UK. I wouldn’t have changed a thing though. I’m just so happy that I had the privilege of filming Clara’s union with Tom, in which I saw develop from the very beginning – a special love that she so dearly deserves! She has been there for me through University at Laurier, my partying days in Taiwan, and adulthood (real life!) in the UK – we basically followed each other around the world! Now we accomplished another milestone together this summer when we both got hitched to our Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp (that has always been our mutual goal…don’t know if we got exactly what we wanted, but we’ll take it LOL!)

THE COUPLE: As you might have figured from all the ‘umbrella’ props and talk in the wedding video, Clara and Tom met under an umbrella one rainy day when Clara was on her way to meet me and Henry at a movie theatre near Angel Station in London. I remember her coming up to us, a little flustered, explaining that some random guy popped under her umbrella when she was crossing the street and asked her for her number. She wasn’t sure what to do and was asking for our opinions. First thing I said was, “Go for it! You never know where you’re going to meet THE guy. Just make sure you meet him somewhere during the day where there are loads of people…in case he’s a psycho!” And of course Henry chimes in, “This guy sounds dodgy!” LOL! He certainly wasn’t as sure as I was on letting our little Clara go out on a date with this guy! Let’s just say I was right this time…as I have been, most times throughout our relationship 😉 Clara and Tom are just perfect for each other! They love the same music, they both love booze, she likes to eat, he likes to cook…need I say more?

MUSIC: So the main song of the video was chosen by Clara and Tom because it’s one of their favourites, Wolf’s Law by The Joy Formidable. We are so happy they brought this song to our attention because it really just fit so perfectly with the story we were trying to tell and the footage that we got! The mellow and soft beginning to the song worked well because we knew there were a few speeches we wanted to use, and we didn’t want music to be overpowering what was being said. The song does kick into overdrive though midway, and it paired so well with Tom’s sister limbo-ing under the umbrella – you rocked it Rachael!

And now to the second song that we started the wedding video off with…we knew we had to show off the song, The Luckiest by Ben Folds when there was not a dry eye in the house when it was performed by the couple’s friend Jodie (accompanied by Clara’s brother Ryan, on the piano). The raw emotion from her and the lyrics of the song just touched everyone’s heart. I could not help but wipe away my falling tears while filming this, and surprisingly, I wasn’t embarrassed to do so because everyone was doing the same thing! It’s funny because even during the editing process, I was crying every time I rendered out a new section of the introduction. There was something about Jodie singing and the montage of Clara and Tom during their photoshoot that hit me hard! It’s definitely a song to to have in your collection!

BEST MAN: We have to mention the best man, Gareth, in this post. Was he not an absolute star? He played his part so realistically when the MCs surprised everyone with their best man Oscar intro. He rocked the ‘out of the shower’ message to Clara and Tom (which Henry filmed completely on the fly!). He also KILLED his speech and had everyone in stitches by the end of it! Is there nothing this man cannot do? He was also the person that broke the news to us that a massive tree fell on top of our car that night…but that is another story that Henry and I will tell you at a later date! Gaz, you really did an amazing job that evening, and everyone knows why you deserved to be best man – we hope you have that trophy they called an Oscar on display somewhere special!

VENUE: The couple held their wedding at King Valley Golf Club in King City – an absolutely gorgeous venue for wedding videography! Why did I love it so much?? As always, the windows!!! Loads of natural light was streaming in throughout the day to the early evening and it made us feel like we were enjoying a party outside in a pavilion. The best way to describe this venue and the associated decor was cozy elegance. It was super intimate and in a way, cottage-like, with beautiful wood frames and an open lounge area with couches and a fireplace. It’s about an hour out from Toronto, but well worth the drive if you are looking for this style of venue with beautiful grounds. This venue is also a ClubLink location, so expect excellent food – our dinner was YUMMY!

DJ: So we recommended to Clara and Tom the DJ from our wedding, Sanga Genesis from Omne Media Group, and we’re not sorry we did! He did a fantastic job, just as he did at ours, and basically rocked the house! He didn’t miss a beat and was also in tune enough, to play songs on the fly that was being mentioned in a shoe game the couple were playing! These details we did not miss, and he didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for someone with the skills, the organization, and someone who cares about their clients, you need to hit him up! Getting people to move on the dance floor really helps with the wedding cinematography.

PHOTOGRAPHER: They also used the same photographer that we used at our wedding, Cesar of Cesar Ghisilieri Photography. He worked extremely well alongside us, and did a great job of getting a mix of creative portraits and candid shots throughout the day/night. He has an eye for creativity and a passion for photography that we really loved seeing in this young entrepreneur!  Both of us were very happy that we booked him – he certainly has the output to back it up!

WEDDING DRESS: Wasn’t Clara’s dress absolutely gorgeous??? I remember the day I went with her to go bridal dress shopping at Becker’s Bridal on the Danforth. When she tried on that dress, I knew it was the one – it fit her like a glove! I tried on dresses as well, and it was the first store where I fell in love with more than one! There were just so many beautiful gowns to choose from! As I explained in my Online Wedding Dress Shopping Experience post though, I ended up going for budget rather than my dream dress…and my dream dress was at Becker’s Bridal (A Barbra Allin by the way)!  The prices range from dress to dress and aren’t too crazy – definitely check out this store for many gorgeous options!

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Both Tom and Clara’s families and friends were in one word, ‘genuine’. We had the pleasure of spending time with a lot of them, and made some memories that we will treasure forever! There wasn’t a dull moment when we were with the Tang and Deering clan, that’s for sure! I even got to teach Tom’s dad some Cantonese…well, it really was all my mom’s doing! Thank you to the Tang family for hosting us the week leading up to the wedding, and to the Deering family for giving us that special Yorkshire energy!

Clara and Tommy, Henry and I love you two and wish you weren’t so far away! It will continually give us excuses to go back to London though which is nice! We are so happy you loved the video and glad to hear that we got the British thumbs up from the premiere this past Saturday. Wish we could’ve been there to celebrate with you both a second time around! We promise we will be back soon though! CONGRATS once again 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x

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King Valley Golf Club King City Wedding Video
wedding held at King Valley Golf Club in King City