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King’s Riding Golf Club | King City | Amy + Alfred

King's Riding Golf Club King City wedding video

We were loving the jam packed schedule at Amy and Alfred’s wedding because we knew there would be loads to work with in the editing room! Oh, the things we get excited about…

From the imaginative door games to the sparkling send off, we had so much fun watching other people have fun!  A great group of people and a fantastic couple to work with 🙂

VENUE: The wedding was held at King’s Riding Golf Club in King City (which is another ClubLink golf club – usually meaning very good food!). It was a beautiful space with loads of light (great for wedding cinematography) – very similar to my best friend’s wedding in King City as well. There were french doors that separated the reception space from the cocktail hour space and an outdoor patio was also available! Every area was adjoined to each other so it was easily accessible for guests and the couple. One thing that stood out was the food served during the cocktail hour – those meat skewers were amazing!

DECOR and CAKE: I was majorly impressed with the decor at this wedding – romantic and whimsical, just the way I like it!  Right when I walked into the reception space, I was in love. There were so many personal touches all over the place that pulled everything together and really made the space super inviting for guests. There was even a pashmina corner where people could borrow a wrap if they were cold (so thoughtful!). I absolutely loved the favours as well – different types of flower seeds!  Let’s just say that no stone was left unturned! I was so impressed when I found out that Amy hand made more than 90% of the decor items at the wedding – you know how much I LOVE a DIY bride (see Kerri + Craig’s wedding). Amazing job Amy – I loved everything you did with the place, it was absolutely beautiful and it provided a beautiful backdrop for our wedding videography! I even overheard the wait staff saying that your decor was exactly what they would want for their own wedding! Oh, and one last thing, I have to mention the cake! Perfect fit for the theme and so friggin’ adorable!  There was one three tiered cake with the cutest cake toppers and two smaller cakes on either side. It was all perfectly decorated and the colours couldn’t have been more romantic!  The Wedding Cake Shoppe did an awesome job!

KOREAN KISS: I need to explain what this is since a ‘Korean Kiss’ was mentioned in our wedding video. Amy is in love with Korean dramas and apparently forces Alfred to watch them with her LOL!  A ‘Korean Kiss’ is quite a dramatic one, and we decided it would be great to get one of these on camera with the couple themselves…Alfred, you did such an outstanding job with the kiss – you can literally use this clip for a Korean drama audition tape! Amy, your dreams just might come true 🙂

DOOR GAMES: I just want to mention that I have never seen the ‘balls in stockings’ door game until Amy and Alfred’s wedding (OMG, I never laughed so hard when those bad boys were revealed!). It’s certainly another one to put in the idea list if you’re doing door games for your wedding too! Other interesting and extremely funny door games that stood out from the past were ones from Debbie + Brian’s wedding. This part of the wedding planning process must be so much fun for the bridesmaids LOL! I know my girls had fun with Henry and his boys at our wedding!

MUSIC and END PERFORMANCE:Going with the whimsical and romantic theme of the wedding, we decided to go with the song, Hope a Little Harder by Amy Kuney. Such a beautiful song that allows for sound bits and speeches (which we knew we were going to be using from this wedding). And if you’re wondering what Chinese song was being sung at the very end…I’ll need to get back to you with that one and ask Alfred about it! It was the very first time I heard that song when the groom and his boys sung it at the wedding (which was spontaneous and a surprise to everyone), but I instantly loved it! Henry and I couldn’t get the song out of our heads and we didn’t want to!

Congrats once again to Amy and Alfred!  You both are such sweet people, and we are so happy that you decided to choose us to be your wedding videographers (we have Debbie + Dennis to thank for that!).

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Photography: Magnolia Studios (romantic and whimsical like Amy’s theme!)
Wedding dress: Enzoani from Ritché Bridal
Chinese Dress: Overseas
Dancing Dress: Overseas
Make up: Karen Chen Richardson (
Hair: Karen Chen Richardson (
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo and TOMs
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Various
Favours: Handmade by the Bride
Jewellery: Tiffany & Co
Groom suit: Freeman Formals
Groomsmens’ suits: Freeman Formals
Flowers (bouquet/boutonnieres): Blush and Bloom
Centerpieces: DIY project by the Bride – Flowers are from Blush & Bloom
DJ: Rommel Rivera

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King's Riding Golf Club King City Wedding Video