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Kortright Centre Wedding | Woodbridge | Nick + Katlyn

Trees are fantastic reflections of nature, symbols of life, and beautiful representations of family and marriage. What a perfect theme that the couple chose for this gorgeous woodland wedding. It was the common thread that pulled everything together on their big day.

1. Venue: they chose to hold their wedding at Kortright Centre for Conservation which is a beautiful venue that Henry and I looked at for our own wedding. Unfortunately they couldn’t hold our numbers, but it would’ve been in the running! The reason we found it so special was because of the ceremony space. It’s set up in the middle of the woods surrounded by tall, majestic trees – breathtaking is the word to use when stepping into that…sanctuary! Lucky for everyone and the couple, the rain stayed at bay and the ceremony went off without a hitch! If you’re planning a woodland themed wedding, I must say that this is your place!
2. Tree Planting Ceremony: during the wedding ceremony, the couple performed a tree planting ceremony to represent the two of them becoming one. Soil from each of their households was placed in a pot and they planted a little tree to grow within that foundation. More commonly, you see the lighting of the candle, so this was a unique twist on that. It was a beautiful representation of faith, family, and love.
3. Faith: it was clear that faith was extremely important to both the couple and their families. To them, a tree represented the growth of a marriage that is grounded and rooted in faith. It was important that we reflected this in the wedding video, so we did just that during the intro with the pan down from the trees (which we were super happy with! Thank you gimble!) and the words from their officiant. It was a great way to set the tone for the rest of the video and really hit home the tree theme for the entire wedding.

4. Favours: how cute were their little favours? Tiny spruce trees! And as Katlyn told her guests, each favour was labelled with, ‘Thanks for sprucing up our day!’ Too adorable!
5. Decor: it’s all in the details as they say! They did such a great job of incorporating their theme throughout the details and decor on their wedding day. On top of all the little touches around the ceremony and reception space, they had a few wooden walls covered with pictures of both families, essentially representing a family tree. I did something similar at my own wedding and I found it really just added that personal touch to my big day and all of my family members really appreciated it. One of my favourite details were the various tree trunks grouped together in the outside courtyard with the candles on top. What a romantic backdrop to their first dance and a nice pairing to the lovely bistro lights hung up above.
6. Song: So I happened to find the perfect song for this highlight video – North by Sleeping At Last. Not only does it give me goosebumps every time I hear it, the lyrics are so meaningful and perfectly relate to this theme of trees! Here’s a sample: We will call this place our home, The dirt in which our roots may grow. Though the storms will push and pull, We will call this place our home. Did I mention that there were threats of a storm, but somehow, it just stayed at bay when the ceremony came around?! Just perfect.

We had a blast at this wedding with the vendors we met too. The lovely Livi and Brittany from Livi Shaw Photography, Alex from Bridal Solutions, and Andre from Good Vibrations DJ Services. Everyone was just in good spirits and in turn, produced great work!

Thank you Nick and Katlyn for choosing us to be your wedding videographers! You guys are just such an adorable couple – your love for each other is clear as day!

Until the next post,
Joanie x

Venue: Kortright Centre for Conservation
Photographer: Livi Shaw Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Bridal Solutions Inc.
DJ: Good Vibrations DJ Services
Highlight Video Music: North by Sleeping At Last
Published on HenjoFilms: Wedding Videography Toronto / Toronto Wedding Videographer

wedding held at Kortright Centre in Woodbridge