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Le Parc Banquet Hall | Thornhill | Derek + Fedora

Derek and Fedora Highlights (0-02-05-18)

I have to mention straight off the bat that I’ve never had such a crazy giggle fit like the one I had when editing this video! As I was going through the footage for the games portion of the reception, I almost peed my pants (sorry, I know, TMI!) – the little boy trying to kiss Derek during the guessing game, along with Derek’s reaction, absolutely killed me! It’s in the video, so you’ll see what I mean, but I just want to say a huge thank you to the couple for giving me that moment. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

Anyways, onto the meat of this blog, Derek and Fedora’s wedding! As we’ve mentioned before, it’s such a great feeling when we can work with people that we’ve met from previous weddings we’ve filmed at. It’s like attending a friend’s wedding because you see so many familiar faces! We met Derek and Fedora through one of our couples from way back, Debbie and Dennis, who attended the event with their adorable baby girl Denise. It doesn’t stop there though! We also bumped into Andrew and Rachel (one of our couples from this year), and Brigitte, a bridesmaid from Bonnie and Kevin’s wedding (one we filmed a couple years ago). Luckily for us, this connection continues as one of Derek’s groomsmen just booked us for his wedding next year! We’re looking forward it already!

DOOR GAMES: What a way to start off the day! We’ve witnessed a lot of door games in our time, but this one has to take the cake as the most challenging! Let’s just say one obstacle included diapers, maxi pads, reese’s pieces, and sriracha sauce…I can’t even think about what I saw, or else i’d gag LOL! Poor, poor boys…but good job girls, in sticking to your guns! Starting right at 8:30am, the boys were ushered into the house and put through a bunch of obstacles in order to help Derek reach his goal of seeing the lovely Fedora. They succeeded thanks to a bunch of guys who were were willing to participate and great sports all round!

FIRST DANCE: Derek is super fun and confident as you can tell from the video, so we weren’t surprised when he said he wasn’t nervous at all at the beginning of the day. After further contemplation though, he did say it was the first dance that was giving him some jitters! It turns out there was no need to sweat about that either as the dance turned out perfectly in the end! It was a great waltz filled with lifts and dips, lights and mist – it was magical to say the least and we were happy to have captured it on film so they can show their future kids one day how elegant they were on the dance floor!

MUSIC: With such an explosive amount of fun at the door games, I knew the video had to start off with these events as it really kicked it off with a bang! I needed a song that would compliment all the fun and really add that factor of excitement. Boom Clap by Charli XCX was the perfect song for this intro – great melody with great beats – you can’t help but want to get up and dance when you hear this tune! For the second song, we chose Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes. It was the first time I heard it when it was played at the wedding during one of the slideshows they were showing. It was such a catchy melody and we knew instantly that it was a song the couple liked – so we kept coming back to it when starting the editing process. Turns out it was certainly the right song for the footage and the couple!

Derek and Fedora have been so incredibly sweet throughout this whole process, continually thanking us for our hard work before they’ve even seen the video! What we know is that it should be the other way around – we want to thank them for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a fun-filled wedding! There was no shortage of laughter and joy during the whole day, and to experience it all while filming is such a great bonus for us.

Thanks so much guys – we want to wish you all the best with married life! We are sure our paths will cross again in the future 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Le Parc Banquet Hall
Photographer: Tristan KC Photography
Wedding dress:Vera Wang
Chinese dresses (traditional/evening): Phoebe’s Collection Taipei Love Forever
Make up & Hair: Peggy Lee
Shoes:Nine West
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Vera Wang
Groom Suit: Freeman Formals
Groomsmens’ suits: Jeans First
Cake: Louis XIV Cake Boutique
Decor: POSH Stylings Inc.
Florist: Bride’s Mom & friends
Favours: Favor Affair
Centerpieces: Bride’s Mom & friends
AV/DJ: Andy Cheung @WavProduction
MC: Ray Ng

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