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Lea turns 5!

So Henry and I celebrate 14 years of our relationship today – someone give us a medal! It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs and all arounds, but we made it! We’ve in a way, grown up together, navigating through adult life and all of the responsibilities that come with that. Traveling, moving in together, adjusting to living abroad, becoming business partners, getting married, and all the in between! As many challenges and obstacles that we have overcome in our time together, our greatest accomplishment over 14 years has to be Lea. When she was born, we were the happiest parents on earth.

She is literally every cliche in the book to us. Our pride and joy, ray of sunshine, dream realized, love of our lives, best thing that could’ve happened to us…I won’t go on – you get the point! I’m sad when she goes to school, I get excited when she returns on the school bus, I live for her cuddles, she makes my heart melt with her kindness, she never gives me a hard time, I feel sooooo incredibly lucky that she’s my daughter…whoops, went on another love rant there. Honestly, I can’t help it when I’m talking about her! This being said, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 14 years together, than with this video of Lea. She turned 5 just one week ago, and these are her highlights from the past year. Thank you to the baby gods for giving me everything I dreamed for in a child. I am forever grateful.

Until the next post,
Joanie x