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Living Water Resort & Spa Wedding | Collingwood | Jake + Alex

For some reason, it always seems as though the couples who find us also happen to have incredibly moving love stories to share. I don’t know why that is, but we always feel a little extra something in the air during each wedding day we film. It’s not always about how the bride and groom feel about each other either (as that love is pretty obvious for a wedding!), it just seems to always have more layers to it than that. One example is how the parents and all the family members are woven so intricately into the story as well. Joanie and I understand that it’s not every day your loved ones get a chance to speak to a room full of people about what you mean to them. So for us, those moments are on our mind before your wedding even starts. Hence why we know it’s important to get as many candid moments with those close to you earlier in the day before the reception. As we’ve said before, speeches have affected us differently ever since we became parents ourselves. That moment during the reception where Jake’s dad proudly says, “That’s my Son”, oh boy that hits us hard every time!

Alex and Jake are just amazing and genuine souls. We are sure you will take this away from the video as soon as you watch it! Like we say in all of our blogs posts, we will let the video do the talking when it comes to the couple!

This stunning wedding was held at Living Water Resort & Spa in Collingwood. The venue as a whole has a lot to offer couples, including some nice nearby spots for doing a photoshoot. About a 5 minute drive from the venue will get you to the location where you have the opportunity for a gorgeous backdrop of water crashing against the rocks. And if you don’t want to head there, you have some nice spots near the ceremony space where we chose to do the first look. Another wedding we filmed near Collingwood at a family cottage was Joelle + Tom’s wedding.

WE HAVE TO MENTION THE WEATHER! It was nuts! Rain is obviously tricky enough to deal with by itself, but when it pops up out of nowhere without a seconds notice, that is super tricky for those in dresses. And it was torrential rain too! At one point it caught us all off guard and we couldn’t make the 3 minute run back to the reception spot. So we all had to huddle under some nearby trees. Sounds bad doesn’t it? But actually it wasn’t! Everyone was laughing about it and had the right attitude to go along with it! The couple and the wedding party boiled it down to a really memorable story to share in the future! It was so cool to see everyone come together, stay positive, and help each other out of the situation. Not to mention the cool rainbow that popped up behind the ceremony location when the rain subsided. Thankfully not one drop of rain feel during the ceremony 🙂 From rainstorms to rainbows, it just felt so symbolic of this couple’s relationship! You do know what they say about rain on your wedding day right? It’s good luck 🙂

Alex and Jake, thank you so much again for letting us be a part of your special day! From rainstorms to rainbows, we are so happy to have been a part of your journey! Wishing you nothing but beautiful rainbows in the future 🙂 

Lots of love,
Henry and Joanie x


Hair: Nadia Aziz (Instagram: styledbynadia)
Makeup: Jessica Wolfert (Instagram:
Photographer: Vaughn Barry Photography (Instagram: vaughn_barry) 
Wedding dress: designer- Pronovias, purchased at Kleinfeld Hudson’s BayGroom Suit: Ethereal Customs in Woodbridge 
Florist: Janna Dekker (Instagram: wildernis__ )
Signage: Bloom By Nicole Elise (Instagram: bloomcalligraphy) and Jesi Machete (Instagram: Cabincalligraphy)
Cake/Cupcakes/Donuts: Tori’s Bakeshop, Toronto (Instagram: torisbakeshop)
DJ: Michael of DJ Mastermix (Instagram: dj_mastermix_) 
String Musicians during Ceremony: Willer Music
Wedding Coordinator/Venue: Living Water Resort and Spa (Instagram: livingwaterresorts)
Officiant: Joanne DeGasperis

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