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Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel | Newmarket Wedding | Andrea + Marco

We must say, it’s always a treat for us when we get to film the big day of a fellow wedding vendor! Andrea is the super talented creator of all the gorgeous cakes and sweets that delight the taste buds over at Sweet Sister Chic Sister. We are in awe of her creativeness and talent – seriously, check out her Instagram page and you will see for yourself! This business woman happens to have a great man by her side as well – enter Marco. He works just as hard as Andrea and has continued to help bake and deliver her goodies every step of the way! He’s definitely a keeper – just as genuine as Andrea had mentioned in the video!

The two of them honestly make the perfect pair. Not only are they as sweet as their cakes, they are gorgeous human beings. I don’t think we need to mention that as I’m sure you’ve witnessed this in the video. The both of them need to be on covers of magazines asap so they can spread their beauty far and wide!

You might recognize some of the wedding party and families too. We were lucky enough to film Andrea’s brother, Anthony’s wedding last year! It’s always a blast working with familiar faces again, and makes for a truly amazing experience that we are grateful to have had quite a few times in the past. Not only did we get to see familiar guests and bridal party members, we also got to work with Robert Muriell Photography again. As it was last time, working with him was very easy and his photos always come out amazingly!

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel, which is perfect for a Fall/Winter wedding. We filmed here last April and was in awe of the space. You truly get all the beauty of the outdoors without freezing your behinds off! Which reminds me, the bridal party were all troopers (especially the ladies) for braving the cold and getting those shots outside for photo and video. After all the lovely and fun shots we got, I think it was worth it! We also have to mention that the bridal party did an amazing job at surprising the bride and groom with a surprise dance and rap…yes, rap! They recorded a special rap to Drake’s Hotline Bling and it blew the couple away! They were so shocked and overwhelmed with emotion! Great laughs and entertainment had by all – it was definitely an amazing treat for all the guests and especially Andrea and Marco.

Seriously, everything from the venue, to the decor, to the bridesmaids outfits and all the colours, just looked amazing on film. We are very appreciative as wedding videgoraphers when our couples put so much effort into making their wedding beautiful and unique to them. Kudos to Andrea for putting all that decor together and making everything so personal to her style! It was amazing too that she was able to make the cake for the wedding as well! Does this girl sleep?

Thanks once again Andrea and Marco for making us feel like family and for letting us join in on such a special day. We truly hope we get to bump into you lovebirds at some future event! Lots of love to you both!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Photographer: Robert Mauriell Photography
Hair: Jen Evoy
Makeup: Jen Evoy
Wedding dress: Paloma Blanca
Groom suit: House of Rome
Florist: Gratitude Floral
Decor: by the bride with linens from Around the Table
Cake: the one and only, Sweet Sister Chic Sister
Lettering: Peartree & Clover

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wedding held at Madsen's Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel