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When a wedding videographer films your Bat Mitzvah | Epic Entrance + Dance Off | The Factory Lounge

Even though I’ve shot some Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in the past, I would not typically call myself a Mitzvah videographer as weddings are the main events we film here at HenjoFilms. However, when this Bat Mitzvah video shoot landed on my lap and the event turned out so wonderfully, I started to think that I wouldn’t mind getting some more of these events to film! I was more than happy to put my skills to use and go out there and make something special. From all of the Jewish weddings and events we have filmed in previous years, we knew what kind of party we were in for and this Bat Mitzvah exceeded all of those expectations.

An hour or two into the big day, I knew I had a special event on my hands. Now, you’re probably thinking I’m talking about the size of the event or the decor etc. etc., but I’m not referring to those parts of the day. I’m talking about the lovely story I knew I could tell on film surrounding this talented 12 year old girl (Maya) and her loving family. In order to make a good Bat Mitzvah video or any kind of video for that matter, you definitely need a story to tell. You need great speeches and great personalities, and this day was full of both. Maya is no ordinary 12 year old girl. Her confidence and poise was on display all day and seeing her in action just made me think of my own daughter Lea and what she could be like when she reaches 12 years of age. If she turns out to be anything like Maya, then both Joanie and I will be two very proud parents.

The story of this Bat Mitzvah doesn’t just stop with Maya and her immediate family. Her grandparents were also very present in many ways and were full of energy and love throughout the day. It was clear to see they all had a special place in their hearts for Maya. Then there’s Maya’s little sister Lea (same name as my daughter, I know!) and boy wasn’t she a character. To see someone as young as her MC an event of this size was a first for me. And she did such a great job too. She held the attention of the room, spoke clearly into the mic, and wasn’t afraid to ask people to listen up during the speeches.

The service and luncheon were both held at the Donalda Club in North York and the reception was held at The Factory Lounge in Thornhill. Both venues were great to shoot at! When I arrived at the Donalda club I knew I had to get some aerial shots with my drone, as the colours of the surrounding trees were so beautiful! The shot I got really helped set the scene and kick off the highlight video in style. The Factory Lounge was decorated beautifully by Maya’s mom, Dana. And what an awesome job she did, as I’m sure you can tell from the video. Where does she get the time to do all of this?! As if taking care of her family and day job wasn’t tiring enough!

Normally I like to link to a similar video that we’ve filmed in the past, in each of our blog posts. The only video that comes to mind that bares a similarity is a recent wedding video we shot where the bride and groom were only 20 years old! I believe they are the youngest couple we ever filmed getting married. Not unlike Maya, they were also very talented young individuals that were super impressive to be around. Not to mention that they both currently attend Harvard University. I remember having some similar feelings on that day, thinking to myself about what these two young adults will do with their whole lives ahead of them. Here’s a link to that video if anyone fancies a look – Emily + Justin.

I would like to finish off the blog post by just thanking Maya and her incredible family for putting on such a great event and party that day. From the sweet tables, to the hype dancers, to the grand entrance, there was always something amazing for me to point my camera at. Honestly, I felt as if I was watching an episode of ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ where everyone is wildly dancing and having the time of their lives, but not exhibiting any of the spoiled behaviours LOL! I also have to mention how kind and fun every person that I came into contact was. Which reminds me, I have to give a shout out to the event planner Fern Cohen who ensured everything ran smoothly on the day. And a big shout out to the photographer Matt from Cliq Creative. He was great to work alongside on the day and you can view some of his pictures below.

Until the next post,

Henry x

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