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Parkwood Estate | Wedding Video | AnnMarie + David

Ok, let’s start this post off with some warnings…
2. If you like to wear mascara, make sure it’s waterproof!
3. If you’re embarrassed of an ugly-cry, make sure you’re not watching this video in public!
4. For those that like to watch our videos during work, don’t do it for this one, the sound needs to be turned UP! The amount of meaningful and heartwarming audio we captured on this day is unreal!
Just so we are in the clear, you have been warned!!!

The way this love story is told in the couples’ own words as well as the words of their loved ones is magical to say the least. It was the most difficult thing, trying to cut excerpts out from the streams of audio we were given on the day to work with. Although having more rather than less is better for a wedding videographer, the downfall is having to pick and choose what to use in a wedding video!
When we see these two together, the feeling we get is that there is something just so completely rock-solid and assuring about this relationship. AnnMarie explained the reason for this very well during our Q&A.  She pointed to the fact that they have children from past relationships, and how important it was for their kids to be OK with the progression of their relationship. Her and David dated for 8 years before getting married because they wanted to be sure that they were making the right decision for both their children and themselves. The fact that they put so much thought and energy into their relationship before making the commitment to become husband and wife, really gave them the time to get to know each other and each other’s kids. Basically, they wouldn’t make such a big commitment, if they didn’t think it was absolutely the right fit, or the perfect ‘always, and forever’.

We really hit it off with these two from the moment we met them at a consultation. We came away from that meeting hoping that they would get back to us with a positive response, and luckily, they did! For us to have the opportunity to tell their beautiful story through our eyes, is such a privilege! You don’t come around such love stories that often, so we couldn’t be more pleased that they chose us to capture their big day.
Interesting fact – their venue is actually the same place they had their first date! How special is that?! Parkwood Estates is gorgeous and provides a perfect backdrop for epic wedding cinematography! The grounds are perfectly manicured, the complimentary fountains are beautiful, and the history and character of the place really made for an excellent backdrop to this stunning wedding. It was actually the first wedding we were able to fly the drone for, and it’s so great we did. We are so pleased with the shots we got!
Alright, enough chit chat from me, I’ll let their highlight video do the talking. I’m sure you’ll feel like you know these two after watching just a couple minutes of their highlights…
Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: Parkwood Estates
Photographer:Blynda DaCosta Photography
DJ:Digital DJ
Highlight Video Music: River Flows In You by David Solis and original by Yiruma (one of the songs on the couple’s CD favours) / Feeling Good by Michael Buble
Published on HenjoFilms: Wedding Videography Toronto / Cinematography Toronto

wedding hedl at parkwood estate in oshawa