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The Eglinton Grand | Toronto Wedding | Stacey + Marc

When Marc and Stacey inquired about our wedding videography services, I was actually only a few days away from my due date with Lea! So you can imagine, it was touch-and-go about making it for the consultation! Long story short, Lea arrived pretty much on time, and I wasn’t able to join Henry for the meeting with these two. So, on the morning of their wedding day, I imagined that it would take a while for Stacey to warm up to me when I began filming her getting ready. You know where this is going right? Yes, the complete opposite was true! Honestly, I felt as though the minute I walked into her house, that I had known her for years! She is friendly, warm, and extremely welcoming – all the traits I gathered from her family straight away. It must be in the genes! Oh, and on top of it all, this family was gorgeous (Stacey’s mum has to give me her beauty secrets)! Being that comfortable from the outset meant that I was on the path to getting great wedding videography shots all day! So much captured and so much to use! It wasn’t any different when I met Marc by the way. Henry gushed afterwards that, ‘Marc is the man’ – he certainly is!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the venue too. The Eglinton Grand in Toronto is a historic landmark built in the 1930s that has since been restored to its original grandeur. It has maintained a lot of its original structures and decor including all the signs – giving this venue a lot of character and the ability to transport guests back to that fabulous era. What we loved was the mezzanine balcony where the cocktail hour was held. It has a bar, loads of space, and ample seating areas. It was also the perfect viewing spot for Marc and Stacey’s first dance! What a dramatic reveal for the guests when those massive curtains opened up and the couple walked onto the dance floor and into the spotlight.

Henry and I love a variety of music genres, but a couple of our favourites are R&B and Hip Hop. Unfortunately, with wedding videos, using these genres can be quite risky! So you can imagine how excited we are when a couple suggests R&B or Hip Hop (e.g. Eilene + Anthony)! It really gives us the opportunity to do something different and outside the box! Although Stacey and Marc didn’t ask us to pick the song we used at the end of their video (Wifey by Next), we saw how their faces lit up when the song came on to open up the dance floor after the garter toss. They were mouthing the words (which luckily we captured on video!) and grooving to the song, so we knew this was one to keep in mind when editing came around. The beats in the song also allowed us to be creative and change clips quite rapidly and pack more into the video! Let’s just say I was bopping my head and doing some shimmying while editing…

Until the next post,
Joanie x

Venue: The Eglinton Grand
Photographer: Meghan Andrews Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Arora Wedding & Event Planning
Cake: Frostyd Cupcakes
Hair: Ladylyn Gool
Makeup: Dawna Boot Make-up
Wedding dress: David’s Bridal
DJ: Superior Entertainment (Gianpiero Di Palma)

Highlight Video Music: Im Kissing You by Des’ree /Bloom by The Paper Kites / Wifey by Next

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wedding held at the eglinton grand in toronto