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The Lakeview | Hamilton | Cassandra + Kyle

wedding video the lakeview hamilton

These two lovely people first locked eyes in grade 9 which means:

1. they go way back
2. they know each other inside out
3. most importantly for us, they’ve taken a crazy amount of photos over the years!

In my quest for old pictures of the pair, Cassandra gave me her blessing to peruse through her profile on Facebook – so for the record, I wasn’t Facebook stalking her! I came across some brilliant ones which made my job easier, AND more difficult! How can you choose between gold and gold? Anyways, I needed quite a few for that quick bit in the middle of their highlight video, so I just gathered what felt like one from each point in their lives together. I felt like I had stepped into a time machine! Their love has spanned over 8 years, and they are still as smitten as ever. We could just tell the instant we met them, just in the way they spoke about one another and looked at each other! We were excited about being their wedding videographers from the get go.

We actually had our initial consultation with Cassandra, alone (or so we thought!), over Skype. Basically, her mom literally popped up out of nowhere mid-meeting LOL! I think she must’ve been stretching on the floor and wanted to chat with us after listening in on the convo. It’s always nice getting acquainted with the other loves of our couple’s lives! We all just had so much fun just chatting!

Ok, so on a side note, I’m trying really hard to keep my blogs short and sweet this year. Why? Because I don’t want to bore the heck out of y’all!

Before I go though, I MUST mention this…drum roll please…..

And, the crown for DIY Queen, goes to…Cassandra Maloney! Dayum, this girl can literally make anything – she is so talented! I love DIY projects for so many reasons. One being of course, that you can save so much moola! Another is, and most important, it adds that personal touch that you can only get from hand-made things! Cassandra not only did her own hair, crafted all the decor and bouquets, she hemmed all the boys’ pants and MADE all of the bridesmaid dresses! I’m surprised she didn’t film herself on her wedding day…lucky for us, it’s one thing she chose not to do! Everything just gave us the flavour of Kyle and Cassandra, so the bride definitely succeeded in her goal!

A huge thank you to the couple for being amazing throughout the process and for letting us film their most special day! I won’t forget my plunge into the lake (well I’m being dramatic, only my feet plunged in!) to retrieve your veil Cassandra…anything for my bride! She made that too by the way! We also want to thank the couple for giving us a great list of songs to choose from for their wedding video. We know these two are big on their music, so it was important we gave them a say so we could really put that Kyle and Cassandra stamp on the video. The songs we chose from their list worked out amazingly and we hope you think so too!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: The Lakeview
Photographer: Jenelle Photography
Barber: Roger Gaudreau (The Buzz in Burlington)
Makeup: Becca Cosgrove (bridesmaid)
Groom suit: International
Wedding dress: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Bride and Becca Cosgrove
Decor: Bride and The Lakeview
Cake: Brittany Tascher (bridesmaid)
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bride (
Highlight Video Music: Stay Young Go Dancing by Death Cab for Cutie / Addicted to a Memory by Zedd

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