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The Manor | Kettleby | Yan + Spencer

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Cute does not even begin to describe this couple. How about adorable? Yes. Sweet? Absolutely. Genuine, thoughtful, lovable, friendly, generous…oh geez, we could go on! Isn’t Yan’s giggle the best? From the very first moment we met them for a consultation to the end of the wedding night, there was no shortage of laughter. We just have such a great time when these guys are around because they evoke so much positive energy.

There were so many highlights throughout the day and night that it’s hard to mention them all! We LOVED their first dance – from highschool prom (you know, the ‘hands on waist and shoulders’ dance) to sexy salsa masters! – a surprising twist for all of their guests. Oh, and we can’t forget their reception entrances. Tetris and Zelda theme for the bridal party and the Mario Brothers underwater theme for the bride and groom – haven’t seen that at a wedding yet – sooo cute and unique! Apparently, they came into the Final Fantasy Prelude theme tune during their ceremony too! I wish I knew the theme tune so I could’ve appreciated it as much as Henry did LOL! Vows and speeches were all spot on – so many moments where we LOL’ed behind the cameras! The couple also surprised everyone with a performance by a talented and super funny magician, Ray Xu (X-Ray is his stage name!). A great way to bring your guests together and leave them all in awe! What a day…didn’t feel like work at all!

This wedding was a bit of a reunion for us as we got to work again with the lovely Sandy Tam and her team at Sandy Tam Photography. It’s funny because she was 8 months pregnant at the time and it reminded me of my experiences working while carrying with child. You would hear a lot of ‘Um, should you stand on that chair?….Omg, be careful!…I don’t know if you should be on your hands and knees?’ Let’s just say Sandy was flying around getting the job done not letting a few extra pounds strapped around her waist get in the way! LOL! I was able to relate! We also got to work again with the lovely Satine who we’ve bumped into many times in the past and most memorable for me, did my hair for my wedding day! She is awesome, but books up fast! Lastly, we bumped into Rinette from Enduring Promises, an amazing officiant that creates the perfect flow to a ceremony. Sometimes, couples book officiants as an afterthought. Being in the business and having quite an ‘experience’ myself at my own wedding, I can tell you that it’s one of the most important things to look into for your big day! They really do dictate how successful your ceremony is going to be, and for something so intimate and personal, you gotta get someone who knows what they’re doing! We’ve actually worked with Rinette’s husband Jim as well, and we can tell you firsthand that they are both just brilliant at what they do. Always looking out for their couples’ best interests!

On a last note, Spencer unfortunately missed out on the Game of Throne’s season finale on his wedding day and we could certainly sympathize with him as it’s one of our favourite shows of all time! I’m sure he would agree though, missing it was all worth it 🙂

Thanks again to the lovely couple for letting us share in their special day and be your wedding cinematographers – we had such a blast capturing all the memories made! Every time we watch your wedding video we have a big smile on our face – we hope you do too!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Venue: The Manor
Photographer: Sandy Tam Photography
Make-up/Hair: Satine Makeup & Hairstyling Studio
Officiant: Enduring Promises (Rinette)
Chinese Dress and Wedding Dress: TJ-Dresses Tao Bao (may not ship to Canada – bride bought them in China)
Evening Gown: TT New York
Cake: A Cake Story
Florist: Bloor Village Flowers
Wedding Decor and Chair Covers: Polvy from Predeco Workshop
Magician: X-Ray (Ray Xu)
Highlight video music: Falling by The Lumineers / Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer

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