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The Manor Wedding | Kettleby | Julie + Dante

Julie and I used to live across from each other on the same street growing up. Our parents were friends, so naturally we became friends too! We’d go over to each other’s houses and play – I was the goody-two-shoes and she was the rebel (basically, she taught me how to let my hair down and have some fun!). So many good times! I always remember my first outing to a movie theatre was with her and her mom. We watched Home Alone, one of my favourite movies, and it’s a memory that I’ll never forget! We go waaaaay back, so you can understand how emotional it was for me to be a part of her wedding, capturing new memories that she’ll look back on in the future! Reminds me of how I felt when I filmed other family and friend’s weddings – Ricky + Dannese, Wilkin + Antonella, Clara + Tom, Jonny + Shahmeem.

I’ve always known Julie to be a super resilient girl. She was built to be the bride planning a wedding during a global pandemic! She always looks at the silver lining, and just rolls with the punches. I know I couldn’t have handled all that she went through during this process. That process included 3 wedding date changes and all the emotional and financial burdens that came along with it. Honestly, I can’t praise her (and Dante!) enough for getting through it all and making it to the finish line! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier that her ‘intimate’ dream wedding was realized!

Now a little bit about the groom. As Julie mentioned in her speech, Dante is pretty shy and doesn’t talk very much. However, you would never guess such a statement if you listened to his speech! Everyone in the room was laughing out loud at all of his little quips and jokes…maybe liquid courage had something to do with this?? You can tell straight off the bat that this guy is loyal to the ground. Him and his friends go way back as well, and that same core group of guys was there standing beside him on his big day. I’m so happy that Julie found someone that has such a quality, someone who will stick by her through the years to come. I mean, they planned a wedding together during the times of Covid…they can now get through anything!

Last thing I want to mention is how beautiful the bride looked! Apparently, Julie and her mom tried on about 100,000 dresses before settling on this beauty! It’s absolutely stunning and fit Julie perfectly. Oh, and I can’t forget those Manolo Blahniks…felt like they should be sitting in a display case somewhere LOL! Didn’t know if we should touch them or not when we were setting up our shoe shot!

I won’t say much more, other than, you’ll feel the love when you watch the video. I couldn’t help but get choked up behind the camera when Julie was talking about her family. I already get teary-eyed at weddings when I don’t know the families, so you can imagine what I looked like at Julie’s <insert crying emoji here>. We love you Julie and Dante! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! We can’t wait to make more memories with the both of you when this Corona saga is over!

Until the next post,
Joanie (and Henry) xx


Hair: Hair by Shino
Makeup: First Brush by Anna
Photographer: Livi Shaw
Wedding dress: Mona Richie Boutique
Groom Suit: I Sarti Italian Menswear
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Florist: Verona Florist
Decor: Luxel Decor
Cake: Dolcini by Joseph
Stationary: Polka Dot Paper Shop
DJ: Veriations Music
MC: Gabe Lollino

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The Manor Wedding video