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The Westin Prince | Toronto | Cindy + Wilson

The Westin Prince Hotel Toronto wedding videography

Sweet, kind, amazing, generous, beautiful, joyful…I could go on with more adjectives to describe the type of people Cindy and Wilson are, but there are other things I need to cover in this blog too!

THE COUPLE: When we met Cindy and Wilson last year, we knew we met two very special people. They were warm and engaging from the start – perfect subjects to film! There were so many moments to choose from in the editing room because they were laughing all day (or shedding happy tears!) and was up for anything that we threw at them! Cindy is the total opposite of a bridezilla! You could see her putting everyone’s needs before her own on her wedding day and making sure everyone was alright and having a good time. Wilson seems like the type of person you could trust with your life – super reliable and responsible. But in balance to that, he is one of the funniest guys who really adds life to the party! Cindy’s parents flew over from China for the wedding, and the couple plan to do a second reception there in a week. You could understand how emotional everyone was when Cindy’s dad made his speech. Seeing the way Wilson is with Cindy, we know her father is right when he says he doesn’t need to worry about her anymore. She is definitely in good hands!

MUSIC: We’ve been waiting to use this song for the right wedding and the right couple – we knew after filming Cindy and Wilson’s wedding and looking at the footage that it was going to be perfect for Secrets by OneRepublic. It is one of our favourite tunes and every time we play it, it’s on full blast for the full effect! That’s why I must say – DO THIS WEDDING VIDEO JUSTICE BY TURNING UP THE VOLUME! We also incorporated a prelude to the video using Nora Jones’ Come Away with Me. Reason being the couple used the song for their first dance – which was AMAZING (I need to get to that next!).

FIRST DANCE: You only get to see a snippet of the couple’s first dance in the wedding video, but it honestly was one of the best dances we’ve seen – totally So You Think You Can Dance type of dancing!! We were super impressed as wedding videographers, as were the guests. Cindy was wearing special dance shoes and everything! It was a nice touch to the wedding and really surprised everyone. Did you see that high kick by Cindy? Damn!

VENUE: The couple chose the Westin Prince Hotel for their ceremony and reception space. As we’ve mentioned before, we love the one location idea as it makes it easy for your guests to segue from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. Obviously you can’t avoid two locations if you’re having your ceremony in a church, but the less locations the better as it can prevent guests from getting lost! The hotel had an outdoor green for the ceremony to take place and a spacious room that could hold 200 guests comfortably. Adjacent to the room was the cocktail hour area which was surrounded by windows. The natural light was really helpful for the wedding cinematography and always puts everyone in good spirits! There are many event rooms to use in the hotel, so inquire with them for more details.

CAR: Cindy and Wilson splashed out on a vintage Rolls Royce as their mode of transportation on the wedding day (I think I remember hearing the driver say 1958!) from Red Star Limo. It was an amazing addition to the wedding and an added element to the wedding videography. What a beauty it was!  Speaking of its beauty, we were at the photo shoot and another wedding party happened to be there – the groom of that wedding party actually asked Cindy and Wilson if he could use their car for pictures!  Of course being the people that they are, they happily obliged. It was certainly the dream car that everyone wanted on that day!

BAND: Lastly, we want to mention the band, Symmetry Studios! They rocked the house! The lead singer, Vincent Bertucci, actually sang and played guitar at the ceremony as well – what an amazing voice! Check them out if you’re looking for live music at your event!

We want to thank the newlyweds once again for choosing us to film their wedding day! We had a blast and couldn’t have met two lovelier people! Congrats Cindy and Wilson!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding dresses: Yoshioka
Bridesmaid dresses: designed and made by individual tailors
Make up and hair for the bride: Anita Kong (daytime), Satine Studios (ceremony and reception)
Hair for the bridesmaids: Suzie Kim
Suit for the groom: Valenzia Bespoke
Shoes for bride: Rachel Rachel Roy, Nine West and Valentino
Vests and bow ties: Freeman Formal
Photoshoot Location: Edward Gardens
Florist (bouquet/boutonnieres/centerpieces/flowers for ceremony): Flowers by MGM
Wedding Favor: Swiss Master Chocolatier

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The Westin Prince Toronto Wedding Videographer