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Video Production Mississauga | Boxer Promo

Apart from wedding videos, we also take on some corporate projects throughout the year. To see more of our corporate work, please visit our corporate site Films First.

A couple of months back, Michael Brandon contacted us about doing a boxing promo video for him. Straight away, Joanie and I looked at each other and got pretty excited! It’s a long way from our wedding videos, but we were really excited and confident about coming up with something cool to showcase Michael’s talents. The shoot itself was a whole lot of fun and working with Michael was really cool. He just gives off these warm vibes and it’s just really easy to have a chat and get along with him.

Since shooting the mini teaser and promo videos below, Michael has contacted us about filming a prestigious upcoming event which he will be fighting in. He wants us to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage including his walk-in and fight of course! The event is on September 9th this year during the TIFF festival. The poster for this is at the end of this blog post for those that are interested and want to purchase tickets. You can also check out Michael’s website ( and subscribe for further updates.

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