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Wedding Cinematography Toronto | Boys vs. Girls Dance Battle | Glenna + Norris


*Groom + Groomsmen*

*Bride + Bridesmaids*

If you’ve been following our work over the last year, you must’ve watched Norris + Glenna’s wedding video (held at Riviera Parque in Toronto) – a presidential affair to remember! It was a night that honestly felt surreal. All we could think was, ‘this is a mistake, we can’t possibly be wedding videographers filming a wedding! We should be fans attending some sort of concert!’ I mean the performances all night were worthy of a stage show that would’ve demanded ticket purchases! Two unreal dances were performed by the groom and bride themselves…with the help of their groomsmen and bridesmaids! A snippet was shown in their highlight wedding video prompting viewers to ask for the full thing…so here it is!
We’ve pieced together both incredible performances and want to hear your vote! This is for all the bragging rights in the McLean household, so please join us in helping one of them have the right to hold the title of ‘best dancer’ over the other until they are old and grey!

We asked the gorgeous couple for some insight into the prep involved for these dances, and it’s interesting what they had to say:

I always knew I wanted to do a surprise dance for Norris. The only thing was, we lived in a different province than my bridesmaids, so I didn’t stress about it because it would be too hard to choreograph and coordinate. But my girls knew me and devoted a day into putting something easy together once I arrived in Toronto. We practiced for literally one day at my maid-of-honour’s house while the boys were away for their bachelor weekend.
Funny notes: *Had a hard time choosing the featured groomsmen because they all have girlfriends and I didn’t want them to kill my bridesmaids!
*The girls changed and hid in the bathroom of the bride and groom suite at the banquet hall and Norris kept coming in the room to find me. He tried to use the bathroom and I had to convince him to use the public bathroom.
Songs: Do not disturb by Teyana Taylor and End of Time by Beyoncé

Choreographer: (Taejon Stewart) My nephew made this dance routine especially for us guys who have never performed anything in front of a huge crowd.
Practice: The first day we practiced was on a weekend for like 12 hours lol. I had organized a groomsmen meeting/bbq to give my guys the full scoop on the wedding and especially the reception. While we ate and drank before we started practicing (bad idea), we discussed and agreed we HAD to be the hottest bunch of groomsmen that anyone had ever seen. It was a lot of fun and a lot of trial and error, but after all the laughing, fumbling, and jumping with excitement sessions we felt comfortable and it was a done deal.
The second time we practiced was in the hotel room before the wedding. The groomsmen were excited and felt really comfortable. The 12 hours of practicing definitely built confidence. This experience showed me that my boys had my back in anything that I requested of them.
How I got them to do it: My groomsmen signed a contract, stating that they would do anything I said when it came to the wedding. I simply kept my groomsmen updated and excited about the reception and performance, so they would blow it out of the water. They stepped to the challenge.
How did I hide this surprise from my wife: Well… I couldn’t. She knew I was up to no good, but I bet she didn’t know I could move like that!!!
Songs: Classic Man by Jidenna ft Roman,  Planes by Jeremih ft J. Cole, and You Changed Me by Jamie Foxx ft Chris Brown

We love when our couples become our friends, and Glenna and Norris have been just that ever since we met them on skype for our first consultation. They are the definition of strong, genuine, and positive people. Sadly, their house burned down during the Fort McMurray wildfire and they were uprooted and are now in the Toronto area trying to settle in while on the cusp of giving birth (Glenna is due in a few days)! However the circumstances, they still have a smile on their face and look at all the positive sides to life. We respect that so much!
Please enjoy their dances as much as we enjoyed filming and editing it. We can watch this over and over again! It gives us goosebumps every time!
Until the next post,
Henjo x
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