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Festiflor Catering | Toronto | Debi + Charly

Oh BABY BABY! What a fantastic wedding!! Picture fun, laughter, tears and surprises on steroids! LOL!

I was in for surprise number 1 when I went to Debi’s to film her getting ready in the morning. I walked into the room and said hello to everyone, including Debi’s baby bump! I couldn’t have been happier for Debi and Charly! Based on our initial consultation alone, we knew these two were going to be fantastic parents! They are both performers at heart, so it will be easy peasy for them when it comes to entertaining kids! You see, these two met a decade ago when both of them were out on the open seas working on a Disney cruise ship. How could Debi resist a guy who dressed up in funny costumes to make kids happy! I’m sure it was love at first sight 🙂

CHARLIE CHOW?: Speaking of dressing up, we need to explain the picture on Debi’s iPad of Charly in those white pants and ‘interesting’ jumper…he was dressed up as Mr. Chow from the movie The Hangover for Halloween! Debi was telling us stories about him training people at his gym while wearing that outfit and cracking people up with his imitation! We couldn’t help but ask to see a picture. Wow, you did good Charly, you did very good.

THE BIG REVEAL: The great thing about weddings is that you’re surrounded by your closest family and friends – so what better place to reveal big news and surprises than on a wedding day where everyone can share in the joy! Debi and Charly thought that since the baby decided to join the party, they were going to make the baby a part of the party. Here’s a fabulous idea if you’re ever in a similar situation! They gave everyone namecards for the reception in which the guests were suppose to place in either a blue and pink container, depending on whether they thought the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.  At the end of the night the couple cut the cake, which was blue or pink in the middle (not telling!), and reveal the sex of the baby. A winner was then pulled out from the correctly guessed container.  There was so much buildup for the reveal through the night and got all of the guests excited and full of anticipation for the cake cutting!

THE FIRST LOOK: Omg, the look on Charly’s face when he first sees Debi coming down the aisle just makes our hearts melt. As I said in our teaser pic on facebook, there is just something special about a man who weeps at the sight of his true love!  It was one of those moments where we had to keep watching and we just couldn’t peel our eyes away. Normally in a wedding video, we cut clips quite short to keep it exciting, but we decided to let this clip run so you could see the full emotion of Charly from beginning to end. I think it brought tears to my eyes because I could relate – I felt the same way when walking down the aisle and seeing Henry at the end of it! What a moment to remember.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We had the pleasure of working with Tony Giang (and his new wife Silvia) of Amgfotography again. We worked with him last year at Debbie + Brian’s wedding where we also had a fantastic time! He is just super relaxed and easy to work with in every way.  Not only do we have an amazing time working with him, he produces quality work as well. Check out his portfolio! He also has some amazing photos posted of Debi + Charly on his facebook page. Congrats Tony and Silvia on your recent marriage – hope you are having fun in the Dominican! 🙂

MUSIC: With all the drastic array of emotions throughout the night, we felt we needed to use two contrasting songs to really do the wedding video justice. We used Priscilla Ahn’s Dream, a beautifully sweet song that we have been saving for the right wedding videography to match with. It just pulls at the heartstrings and fits perfectly with the powerful love that you can see between Debi and Charly. The fun of the photoshoot, the best man entrance/outfit, the FASA cats (the couple’s rowdiest group of friends!), the soul train line, and the dancefloor, ALL needed to be pumped up by the second song we chose, Feel So Close by Calvin Harris. I was so happy to find that clip of Charly saying, “this is the part where you play that steamy music…” because it was the perfect transition to the next song! We’re glad we decided to go for these two songs instead of opting for one, because for some reason, it works with the wedding cinematography!

BABY SITH HAS ARRIVED!: When we heard the due date of the baby was in January, we were pretty sure we were going to release the video before the baby was born. That little one couldn’t wait though – I think this baby wanted to get out early so s/he could get a sneak peak of the video along with Debi and Charly…or more probable, baby Sith just wanted to see mum and dad so badly! If you don’t know the gender yet, watch the video for the reveal 🙂

We want to wish Debi and Charly all the best with their new bundle of joy and growing little family – we honestly feel like we’ve been given access to your epic journey of life’s greatest moments and we can’t be any happier for you both. Thank you so much for letting us share in your special day – and be your wedding videographers!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Wedding Dress: Gown and Glory Consignment Boutique (‘Kate’ dress by Alfred Sung)
Make up and Hair: Justyna Mroz Hair Artist
Brides Shoes: Glint (‘Radiance’ Pump in blue)
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Dessy Group (Material & Colour: Lux Chiffon & Hunter Green)
Cake: Sweet Escapes
Cake Topper: Lenox – Disney (Mickey’s Rowboat Romance)
Men’s suits (including Groom): Moore’s (‘Black’ by Vera Wang, two-button grey super 120s Notch Lapel)
Flowers: Kenley Kreations
Decorator: Margaret from MW Flower Design

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