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Windermere House | Muskoka Wedding | Meaghan + Adam

This was the opening line of Meaghan’s first email to us when inquiring about our wedding videography services. If you’re like, ‘Huh?!’ Meaghan was referring to our Love Story video…and you’ll get what she means when you have a chance to watch it. Needless to say, we’re all fans of the show!

And so it goes, Meaghan had US when we read her opening line. Straight away, we knew that this was going to be a connection that we could not deny LOL! Her warmth, friendliness and hilarious personality in writing, all came across when we met her too! Adam was the absolute cherry on top! Ok, so, is it just me, or does Adam have a Ryan Gosling-esque look to him??? High five to the bride! But every stud needs his bombshell sidekick, and he certainly got one in Meaghan! They honestly make the perfect pair both inside and out.

We were super excited about being the wedding videographers for this wedding, not only because of the couple, but because they chose to have their wedding in Muskoka. We knew it was going to be drone-worthy (Henry was foaming at the mouth when this opportunity came around – it was actually the reason we decided to get the drone in the first place!), it was going to be a beautiful backdrop for a lovely wedding, and a chance for us to breathe in some good country air! It was touch-and-go with the weather, but we made it through and had the ceremony with no down-pour!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Meaghan and Adam’s wedding is ‘speeches’. Some may argue that you should avoid a speech-heavy reception, but these critics certainly did not experience a night like this one! Every single speaker knocked it out of the park! Unfortunately for me, a problem which I’ve been having a lot lately, is choosing what to use! I laughed, I cried – both live in the moment and when editing the video. Everything that was said just touched me so deeply in every pore of my body. There were soooooo many one-liners and zingers that made me LOL but had to be left on the cutting room floor! It killed me not to make the wedding video just an hour of speeches, but hopefully, I was able to capture the essence of the couple and their day with the audio that I did pick.

I just want to mention lastly, that the main theme reflected throughout the day was ‘FAMILY’. Everyone kept pointing to the fact that these two are so family-oriented, and it is this love for family that really shone through in the video. I could go on about all the amazing moments that happened throughout the day, but I won’t bore you with my babbling, you can watch it all unfold yourself in the video!

Thank you Meaghan and Adam, for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It’s amazing that you started off as our couple, and now, even more amazing to call you our friends. Wishing you both a lifetime of continued laughter and love!

Until the next post,
Henjo x


Venue: Windermere House
Wedding Coordinator: Wedding Girl
Photographer: Laura Fess Photography
Florist:Tanya List Design & Floral
Homemade pies & Buttertarts:Nutmeg Bakeshop
Hair:Ainsley and April of Hair Envy Creative Designs
Makeup: Sarah Sauve
Wedding dress: Essense of Australia but majorly modified by Tanis Emmett
DJ: Jason Sparkes of Nth Degree Entertainment
Highlight Video Music: Marry Me by The Family Crest / Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

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