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Our wedding cinematography adventure began with the two of us, Henry and Joanie (you can call us Henjo!), a fun-loving duo with a passion for film and storytelling.


I ventured to Canada from Ireland many years ago to start a family and business with Joanie. Now married, with a fulfilling career and two wonderful little girls, I think it's the best decision I've ever made. Over the years Henjo has grown bigger than just the two of us. We know comprise of a close knit team of cinematographers that love to make you laugh and feel comfortable on your wedding day.

Joanie is our lead editor, the person behind-the-scenes who puts all the pieces together to tell your unique love story on film. Her super power is listening and really understanding who people are. Truly, her gift is being able to sift through hours of footage and establish the core essence of each relationship and finding a way to translate that onto film. We must say that the storytelling magic truly happens here - right in the editing room!


Although we've been doing this for over a decade now, we still get excited about each wedding we film. Why? Because no two weddings are the same. Every story, every relationship, every tradition, gives us something different to work with!

We focus on capturing real moments.

Candid. Raw. Honest. And downright genuine.

We look forward to telling more love stories, including yours if you'll let us!

- Henjo xx

Wedding Videography Re-Imagined.

Your unique story on film.

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Filming Worldwide.