This isn’t a sales pitch. Promise. But it’s going to sound like one.

Invest in your memories.

As much as we want you to choose us, we understand that factors such as budget and style play a huge role in the decision-making process. That being said, if we don’t fit, please find another wedding videographer that does. Why? Being married ourselves, we understand how increasingly valuable our wedding footage has become as time has gone by. All footage is gold footage at the end of the day! So our advice to you is, document it any way you can. That random clip of your Uncle Joe eating a late-night burger might be the best clip you watch in 20 years time.

Our prices reflect the pressure we put on ourselves to capture all those moments and in-between moments to craft the best wedding video possible for you. The magic doesn’t stop when the lights die down from your wedding day. The magic continues in the editing room where we tell your wedding story, the way it’s meant to be told.

We take on a limited number of bookings per year in order to produce each film to a standard of quality we can be proud of.


$6900* +HST

*Add-ons offered (e.g. additional hours coverage, drone, feature length etc.) at additional price.
Contact us for more details.