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Belcroft Estates Bradford wedding video videography barn wedding father daughter

With all the excitement of the new website, I’ve neglected the most important part of this home/blog page…BLOGGING!

OK, so I’m ready to start it off here with one of the most touching videos we’ve made.  Just as the bride Kerri said on her wedding day, “I love a man that cries!” haha! I expect nothing less from Henry when I walk down the aisle…Henry, you’ve been warned!  Not only was there a touching first look between soon-to-be husband and wife, a first look also took place between father and daughter.  The dad I have to say, is the cutest thing ever!!! I’m sure many of you will agree with me…Kerri, your dad is a lovable bear!  We are so glad we were able to capture this relationship on camera and make it one of the focal points in our video. I’m sure many of you girls can relate to the ‘dad (or mom) giving you away’ situation, as I will when my dad walks me down the aisle next year!

So I have a lot to say – I told you I’m a SUPER fan of weddings, so I think it’s best if I broke it all down into sections, so you can skip, hop, jump wherever you like!

VENUE: It was a beautiful day – super hot (but luckily no rain!) and gorgeous! Belcroft Estates certainly had plenty of locations for photos and wedding videography! All you brides (and grooms!) looking for a natural backdrop, beautiful landscapes, and amazing textures, should definitely look here! You will be spoilt for choice and will probably need to schedule in a bit more time for the photo and video shoot! One thing to keep in mind though is the fact that there is no air conditioning in the barn for the reception, but the big fans they had did wonders! I guess it’s a trade-off you have to make for that authentic and rustic barn backdrop for your reception! I took the trade-off when choosing Black Creek Pioneer Village for my own wedding…the beauty and charm won over everything!

DECOR: Simple, natural, and charming! Old wedding photos of family members in frames, flowers on wood trunk centrepieces, maple syrup for favours, twinkly lights for the barn (you can’t NOT have twinkly lights in a barn…I know, double negative!), a family tree with thumbprints for sign in…it was, to sum it up, HOMELY!

PHOTOGRAPHY: As we mentioned, we had a field day at this venue and their grounds, so we’re sure the photographers felt the same way as well! David and Sherry of David Buck Weddings captured that romance between bride and groom. Jos and Kerri’s wedding photos can be found here on their blog.

SPEECHES: I could feel the love and warmth in the air between these two tight-knit families – especially felt this during all the speeches that were given at the reception.  Kerri, your sister’s speech – hands down the best speech I’ve ever heard!! Your dad wasn’t far behind either 🙂 Jos, your brother’s and friend’s speeches were hilarious too – goodness, there was an element of every emotion in there! Henry and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry haha! The speeches had all the ingredients to make for great wedding cinematography!

DJ: We must thank the DJ, Nick Stewart of Keep Them Dancing, for really helping us out on the day! We got an amazing audio feed from him and it was certainly a must with all the amazing speeches that happened! He was super accommodating and willing to help no matter what the job was!  I think we saw him doing a few on-the-fly jobs during the ceremony that weren’t even under his role as a DJ…namely piano book page turner haha! He was certainly amazing and does a lot of his work at Belcroft Estates, so hit him up if you plan to wed there!

OFFICIANT: Reverend Stephen Ongo is an experienced, fun and accommodating wedding officiant! If you’re looking at creating a ceremony unique to you, he’s the guy to call! Check out his website Your Special Day!

COUPLE: I have to take a moment and talk a little bit about the bride and groom, Kerri and Jos. What an amazing couple! I almost LOL’ed when Kerri’s dad said in his speech, “Jos and Kerri are so annoying!” Annoyingly perfect! They were so kind to us throughout this whole process and were nothing but accommodating on the day of!  We’re so glad to have built this nice relationship with them where they can honestly tell us what they think too! That’s what we want!  Our highlight video was actually the FIRST thing that they watched in their very new home!  How amazing!!! We are so happy we could make this keepsake for them!

MUSIC FOR VIDEO: Everyone has been asking…and I’m not surprised as the song is amazing and one of my faves (I’ve even gotten over the fact that it’s from the Twilight series haha!). The song is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. You can download off itunes here.

Alright, I think I’ve blabbed on long enough! I want to end off here by saying a big THANK YOU to Jos and Kerri for letting us share in their big day! Jos/Kerri, do you two know how many people have told me they cried after watching your video!! You’ve pulled on a few heartstrings that’s for sure!

Feel free to leave any comments and let us know what you think about the above! Any questions, just give us a shout 🙂

Until the next post,
Joanie x

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Belcroft Estates Bradford wedding video videography barn wedding