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My Wedding Dress (bought online!)

So I’ve been getting some messages from brides-to-be asking for pictures of my wedding dress that I bought online (FULL STORY AND DETAILS HERE)…sorry ladies – with post marriage brain, I forgot to update the blog post with pics that I had originally promised!


Now that the wedding is over, and I had time to reflect, I’m super happy with my decision. I have to say though that the story and my reaction might’ve been quite different if my mom wasn’t around. She was super seamstress extraordinaire, helping me alter all the little things that I wanted to change.


Here are a list of alterations:


– added cap sleeves (went to Fabric Land with the dress to find a lace that would match and not look foreign to the existing material)
– slightly lowered the neckline
– brought in the dress slightly to fit closer to my figure
– made the V at the back of the dress more tapered to my back


Obviously everything above can be done by any seamstress (I was just lucky enough that the seamstress was my mom and I could bug her every day up until the wedding until I thought the dress was perfect LOL!).


Keep all of the above in mind when you’re shopping ladies! Ask your seamstress how much it would cost to do alterations like those above, and you can weigh that into your decision making process. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions 🙂


Until the next post,
Joanie x

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