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Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum | Mount Hope | Hamilton | Tarryn + Donny

While Henry and I hibernated in the winter and anxiously awaited our favourite show Game of Thrones to start up again, we were also thinking ‘Spring/Summer/Wedding Season is coming’

The first video of the wedding season is always special and we couldn’t have picked a better couple to start off 2013 with! Tarryn and Donny is that unassuming couple that everyone just knows are madly and deeply in love with each other. Their love is not in your face or loud; it’s a quiet bond that everyone can just feel when in the presence of these two. Let’s just say their whispers and loving glances to each other spoke volumes! OK, so here we go – time to give you a breakdown of a few highlights from their wedding day…

VENUE: When we met Tarryn and Donny last year, we knew that their wedding was going to be something special! Donny is really into his cars and mechanics, which is one reason why they chose the venue that they did. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum was the talk of the night! As we were meandering about with our cameras amongst the guests, all we heard was, “this venue is fantastic!…so unique!…they did such a great job!…I didn’t know you could have weddings here!…” etc. etc. Tarryn and Donny absolutely knocked it out of the park with this choice of venue as it was memorable and completely different! One of the best parts for us was doing the wedding videography with all these historic planes! The museum was great in allowing us to get up close and personal with these beautiful artifacts – it was like being transported in time! We would certainly recommend this space for a photoshoot and wedding cinematography (probably something worth looking into even if you don’t plan to have your wedding here!). It really allowed us to get the epic movie-like shots that you see in the wedding video.

PHOTO/VIDEO SHOOT: Like we mentioned above, the photo and video shoot turned out amazingly because of the backdrop we got to use. But before doing the cinematography with the planes, we went to Southam Park for some additional footage with the couple and their wedding party. This was an amazing place as well, thanks to some beautiful trees and solid stone architecture. The stone wall on the backside of the plaza was a gorgeous backdrop but could only be accessed after climbing down some stairs and walking across a slanted green hill beside a road filled with speeding cars. It was Donny to the rescue for Tarryn in her heels – he picked her up with ease (I don’t know if it was Donny’s almighty strength, or Tarryn’s pint sized frame that made the lift so effortless!). Luckily we got this heroic act on film!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: We had the pleasure of working with Cory from Pattinson Studios and his assistant that day, Sarah from Sarah Martin Photography. We just knew we would get along with these two right when we met them! Besides the fact that Cory is an amazing wedding photographer with a beautiful portfolio, he is as calm as can be on the big day which is an important quality to have when dealing with couples that may be stressed and pulled in every which direction! He also had the fantastic idea of bringing champagne and glasses to the photoshoot, which as you can see from the wedding video, we benefited from! Although it took the groom a while to get the bottle opened, the end result was nothing but spectacular – I think our cameras got a taste of the champagne as well! Fun, calm, accommodating, and creative – we really hope to work with either of these two in the future!

WEDDING DRESS: Wasn’t Tarryn’s dress so perfect for the occasion? Especially with all of our running shots and the couple’s choreographed dance, it was flowing perfectly in every frame! She picked up the lovely dress at Promises and Lace Burlington and the designer of the dress is Martina Liana.

MUSIC: Love, love, love this tune! It’s called Home by Lights & Motion and you can download it through itunes here. It has such a great build up all the way through the whole song. The layers of instruments just continue to be added, creating a euphoric feeling by the end! It just works so perfectly with this wedding videography.

Henry and I want to say a big thank you to the couple for choosing us to film their special day. We had an absolute blast and are so happy we got a chance to check out the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum! Even if you’re not getting married there, it’s well worth a visit! Congrats Tarryn and Donny!!

Until the next post,
Joanie x


Make up: the multi-talented bride did this all by herself (using Mac and Sephora products)
Hair: Again, the bride did this herself (bridesmaids also did there own hair and makeup)
Shoes: Guess Retail
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Best For Brides(Upper James St. Hamilton)
Favours: Micheals Craft Store
Jewellery: borrowed
Rings: JVL (ordered them online)
Engagement Ring:People’s Jewelers (Limeridge Mall Hamilton)
Groom suit:Collins Formal Wear
Groomsmens’ suits: Collins Formal Wear (Father of the groom also wore a rented suit from Collins and all the ushers had rented ties and pocket squares from Collins)
Flowers (bouquet): Designed and arranged by Mother of the Bride
Centerpieces: Designed and arranged by Mother of the Bride
Chair covers: Designs by Anita
Church: People’s Church Hamilton
Cake: Sweet Paradise Bakery (Upper Paradise Rd. Hamilton)

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Wedding Video Mount Hope in Hamilton
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Wedding Video Mount Hope in Hamilton

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