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Madsen’s Greenhouse Wedding Video | Newmarket | Stephanie + Mike

This was such a relaxing wedding day for us to film! Mike and Stephanie gave us plenty of time in the morning to cover everything in a natural and organic way, which really suits our style. I even had enough time to knock down a sandwich (thanks Mike’s Mom!). Another major blessing was working alongside Hugh Whitaker photography. We could not have asked for a better photographer to work alongside. He loves his candid shots too and never interrupts the natural moments. Check out his website here if you are on the hunt for a great photographer who just also happens to be a great guy!

As for the couple themselves, if you watched the wedding video already, then do I really need to even mention how cool and fun they were to work with? It’s that obvious isn’t it. One thing I will give Mike an award for is – drum roll please – sitting through THE longest Q&A session I have ever conducted. I’ve got your trophy waiting for you here mate when you want to swing by to grab it 🙂 Normally I have to grill the grooms in the morning in order for them to open up and spill the beans about how much they love their other half. Mike pretty much caved in from the get go and let loose on how great Stephanie is. He could have been talking about her for the rest of the day on camera but I had to stop him at some point. Boy does it make our job easier when we are looking for great audio bites for the Highlight video. We can’t just give kudos to the groom though, the bride was a DIY queen! She had her hand in all the decorations (including that beautiful macrame backdrop for the ceremony!). She also gave us a heads up that she really is into 8mm vintage videos, so that got us thinking about how we could incorporate that into the highlights. Somehow, it just fit with the music and the images for the places where vintage video popped up! Thank you Stephanie! Oh and we can’t forget her stunning dress and accessories on the day – Joanie couldn’t stop talking about it! One of her fave looks so far from all the years we’ve been doing this!

The wedding venue is one we are very familiar with, as we’ve shot there a few times now over the years. Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet & Chapel in Newmarket is simple stunning!! That ceremony space in particular is beautiful! Lots of beautiful spots to take the couple during the photoshoot part of the day too, so you can do everything in the one location. Here’s the last video we shot there from back in 2016 if you fancy a look – Andrea + Marco.

A big thank you to the couple for letting us film their special day and tell their story! We had a blast from start to finish 🙂 Wishing you both all the best for the future!

Nuthing but luv,
Henjo x


Makeup: @nikkistrachanmakeup
Photographer: @hughwhitakerphotography
Wedding dress:@callablanchedress
Florist: @thewillowbranch_bowmanville
Wedding Coordinator: @ashleighsciuk
Venue: @madsensgreenhouse

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