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Millennium Gardens Banquet Centre | Polish Wedding Video | Justyna + Alex

Okay so where do I start!? First of all, Joanie and I still haven’t received any money from our McDonald’s endorsement in this video yet! What gives? 🙂 On that note actually, I do want to mention the Bride’s brother Tom. He was the mastermind behind ordering McDs for everyone, and he didn’t forget us when ordering either. Tom you will always share a special place in our hearts, just like that Fish Fillet we murdered upon arrival. YUM!!

Now onto the couple! Alex is a big, tough, manly-man on the outside, but as soon as I asked about the love he had for his family and Justyna, he was a big hot mess. LOL! Love you bro! We appreciated his candid answers and letting his emotions take us all on a ride. See for yourself in the video! And as for Justyna, well she wears her heart on her sleeve! That is my best way to describe her from our consultation and her wedding day. She doesn’t hold back her emotions one bit and what you see is what you get! She didn’t hold back the tears when we sat down in Tim Hortons either, to chat about her wedding. She gave us so much praise that we didn’t know what to do with it – she is too nice! This girl is passionate about life and her loved ones and she also understands the importance of a good wedding video to commemorate such a momentus event. We never explain to couples why it’s a good idea to get video for their wedding day, as we feel it would come across salesy – and that’s definitely not our vibe. Luckily for us, the people that find us already know the importance of capturing the special moments of one of the biggest days of their lives, so we never have to mention it.

The wedding reception was held at Millennium Gardens. We knew the name sounded familiar so we done a quick search on our blog to jog our memories and we did indeed shoot a wedding there back in 2014! It’s nice to look back at our work from so long ago and still be proud of how we shot and edited it. Of course the quality of the gear will always get better, but telling a couple’s story and making you feel something emotional while watching the video is timeless. Here’s the video we shot there back in 2014 if you fancy a look – Jason + Chantelle. Well that’s enough boasting about our own work for this blog post, back to reality 🙂

It was an epic day that we really can’t describe in words, so we will let the video do the talking! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your precious story and for being so cool, open, honest and genuine from day one 🙂

Lots of love,
Henry and Joanie


Hair: Lady Empire “Michelle” 
Makeup: Monika Kowalik 
Photographer: Anna Dzieciol Photography
Wedding dress: Morilee
Florist: Ewa Bajorek
Decor: Ewa Bajorek & Gosia Kaminska
Cake: Patricia’s Cake Creations
Band: Mr. System 
Wedding Coordinator: Gosia Kaminska

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