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Wedding Videography | Osterley Park | London, UK | Jonny + Shahmeem

Hi guys, Joanie thought it would be a good idea if I wrote the blog post this time around since I have such a history with everyone in this wedding video. The format is gonna be a bit different than normal, I’m just gonna shoot straight from the heart and hopefully a sentence here and there will actually make sense 🙂

2 days, 2 ceremonies, 2 cultures, 2 amazing families, and of course, 2 beautiful people, both inside and out. Jonny’s like a brother to me, we’ve been friends for over 14 years now and it was an absolute blast being his wedding videographer. First of all, I didn’t do much of the filming because there was just too much fun to be had. Joanie was responsible for most of it so I could enjoy the wedding to the max!

Normally Joanie writes a piece about each of the vendors, but in this case, both families just came together to help make everything happen. Shahmeem’s family completely transformed their homes in order to hold the turmeric ceremonies and Jonny`s family was always there to lend a helping hand. It was so amazing to see how much could be done when loving families are behind you!

Since the day Shahmeem entered Jonny’s life, he has just become happier in every way! She has a heart of gold and they are perfect for each other.

As both a cinematographer and a guest, I was put in some unique situations that I have to mention. As I was filming during the civil ceremony, the officiant asked for the rings (which was one of my duties). I actually had to pass my camera to the nearest guest, go up and hand Jonny the rings, and then dive back behind the camera. At the end of the ceremony, the officiant also asked me to introduce Jonny and Shahmeem as husband and wife. It suprised the hell out of me, but I was honoured to do it. I still don’t know to this day why that happened, but it was pretty cool none the less.

Oh yeah, I know what I said at the start of the video didn’t make any sense. If you thought that was bad, you should’ve seen the full speech the next night…tumbleweeds all around…

By the way, check out some of the photos Joanie took of the couple after their civil ceremony in Osterley Park. They didn’t have a professional photographer, so we decided to take some snaps so they could blow them up for their wall to remember their wedding day!

Jonny/Shahmeem, I just want to conclude by saying a big thank you from Joanie and I. Even though it was the busiest week of your lives, you still took the time out of your schedules to make sure Joanie and I (and all of your guests) were taken care of. Both of you put everyone’s needs ahead of your own, even on your wedding day. This speaks volumes about the type of people you are. Thanks for an amazing week!

Nuthin but love,
Hen x

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