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Amber + Ryan | Belcroft Estates | Toronto Wedding Videographers

They say rain on your wedding day is the ultimate symbol of good luck. So it’s safe to say that Amber and Ryan can now kick back and watch their good luck come back to them ten fold over the rest of their lives. Ya, you guessed it, it rained a lot on their big day. Honestly though, having rain on your wedding day really adds that special something that we can’t quite put our finger on. A downpour has happened during a few of our weddings now and they often turn out to be the most memorable ones and make for a great story too! Not to mention the extra drama and romance the rain adds. Amber and Ryan dealt with the rain in the best way possible! They just powered through, stayed positive, and embraced the weather and had fun with it!

Amber and Ryan were so easy to work with! We could tell during the getting ready part of the day, that we were shooting two very popular people with a whole lot of love being directed at them from all angles. So many relationships and story lines for us to capture, keep track of, and somehow squeeze into their highlight video. Tricky task, but that’s what we do…okay the cockiness is finally starting to come out after 10 years of making wedding films 🙂 But seriously, their wedding video was one of the most jam-packed when it comes to audio. And the hardest part during the editing process is what to cut out in order to make everything fit. That part really keeps us up late trying to bring it all together. And then at some point it all just falls into place and we move forward. This edit reminds me of another recent video we completed where we had a lot of great audio to include – Julia + Eric.

In terms of wedding gifts during the morning, these two gave each other gifts that had so much meaning and love behind them. The reactions were priceless and having organic moments like this is what makes a moving wedding film. I’m sure this is the first time one of the gifts during the morning was a puppy. And the way Amber delivered this surprise via video was perfect! As you can see in the video Ryan was not to be outdone when it came to surprise gifts. He gave Amber a butterfly necklace with a lot of meaning behind it that made her tear up.

Their wedding ceremony and reception was held at Belcroft Estate and Event Centre, a wedding venue we have shot at many times before. Great venue choice this one! It’s full of countless beautiful locations to get some great shots during your photo shoot. Absolutely no need to go anywhere else during the photo shoot portion of the day. You can spend the whole day there, from the getting ready all the way to the last dance. No travelling around during your big day. Save that extra time to enjoy the people you love.

Alright, that’s enough rambling from me! I could obviously go on and on about this wedding but I’m gonna let the wedding video do most of the talking. Thanks again to Amber and Ryan for putting on such an amazing wedding and for letting us capture it all!

Until the next post,
Henjo x

aerial video of belcroft estates and event centre