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Let’s be honest, it’s tough – two hard working parents managing two boys FULL of energy! Lisa and Paul deserve a medal (as do many parents out there!) for the amazing job they are doing with their little kiddies! Once I walked into the home, I felt a surge of love and warmth. An extremely happy home that translated directly into the photographs!

Ok, it’s one thing having one little rugrat running around when you’re taking photos, it’s an entirely different experience when there are two! How can you fault them though? One could be full-on modelling for the camera, but the other would then become camera shy…a few moments later, it totally does a 360 on you! The tough thing is getting the two ON at the same time! Luckily, we were able to score the lovely photo of Evan (the older one) giving Liam (the baby) a leaf he picked out from a tree – awww, brotherly love – can we say SWEET and ADORABLE?! One of my faves of the session! And Lisa, you can frame this one for the office!

A little advice for parents taking photos of your kiddies – get them outside – they are more likely to cooperate!

I also thought it would be great taking some shots of the boys doing big boy things with their dad, and I’m so glad the parents were up for it. The photos really reminded me of how kids grow up so quickly, so quickly that you can’t take life too seriously!  Have some fun with the little ones I say!  Henry and I are already dreaming of the day when we have kids…so we can dress them up in crazy outfits and give them absolutely ridiculous haircuts – a mullet being number 1 on the list! LOL! It’s going to be great!

Big shout out to Lisa/Paul/Evan/Liam for being proper supermodels for this fantastic photoshoot! You are all amazing!

Until the next post,
Joanie x