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Paradise Banquet Hall | Vaughan | Mustafa + Sarah

Hello folks, Henry here. The ‘Bosslady’ Joanie has nominated me to write the blog posts for the next while as she is too busy editing. So you can expect a few more grammatical errors and probably an all-round less cohesive piece of writing. FYI – I spelt ‘grammatical’ wrong just to be funny. Hilarious start already. But please, stop rolling around on the floor laughing and listen up for a second.

What can I say about this wedding that will be interesting to read from a wedding cinematographers perspective. I’m gonna start with the groom Mustafa. I think Joanie nailed it with the editing when she put in the part about ‘this guy really lights up the room and he makes everyone feel included’. This sums Mustafa up really well. The guy just has some crazy energy about him and when you are near him, you just feel good about yourself. I wanted to get some footage from inside his Maserati so he gave me a lift to the photoshoot location. During this ride he really opened up a lot about how he felt about Sarah and I could tell how crazy he was about her. She is quite simply, everything to him.

Sarah herself was just so kind and complimentary to Joanie and I from the get-go. We knew she would be a great bride to work with. I get the feeling she has a similar job to Joanie in terms of having to reign in their other halves every once in a while. Together they make a pretty formidable duo.

Ok, a few more things I’d like to mention, the photographers One Squared Photography. Paul and Tish were a breeze to work with and I really loved all the pictures from the wedding day and the engagement session too.

Also a quick shout out to the venue – Paradise Banquet Hall, here is another wedding video we shot back in 2013. The staff there done a great job once again ensuring that everything ran smoothly!

Thanks again Sarah and Mustafa for choosing us to be your wedding videographers. It didn’t feel like work for one second with you guys.

Nuthing but love.
Hen x


Venue: Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre
Photography: One Squared Photography
Hair & Makeup: Fancy Face Inc
Groom suit: King and Bay Custom Clothing
Wedding dress: Lazaro (From Kleinfeld in Toronto)
Florist and Decor: Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design
Cake: I Do Wedding Cakes
Highlight Video Music: I know what you want by Busta Rhymes feat. Mariah Carey / Kaleidoscope by Kate Havnevik / All of Me by John Legend

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